Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Dear John...

Most "dear john" letters denote the demise of a relationship, giving them a negative connotation... but mine are all full of joy (well, these days anyway!). Writing letters to my love, John, is a big part of how i express my adoration of him. Generally they're private and take various sorts... but this is a very special day today, and it requires a different kind of proclamation. Today is John's birthday.
John, you have changed my life. I know that sounds so cliche, but it's incredibly true. Before you, I had no idea how to properly, romantically and permanently love another person... you came into my life and literally forced me to love you!
Your qualities are so appealing and so perfect. You have such a sweet, sweet heart. I can't imagine anyone trying to hurt it. You're incredibly patient and loving, I don't know how you have learned to guide and direct my moods the way you have, but my dad has it right; you handle me with skill and perfection. I've never met anyone half so funny as you, you're always ready with quick wit, quips and one-liners. And you'll always be my protector, watching out for me and making sure i'm not being taken advantage of. Thanks for being so fierce :)
So, schatz, and you truly are my treasure, i love you. I'm grateful to God that he brought us together, he provided us with our perfect match, each other. Happiest birthday wishes to you, I pray you have a wonderful year filled with success and joy... and i wish you many, many more. You're my darling, je t'adore.


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