Tuesday, January 19, 2010


hello, electronic world.

Today i'd like to introduce you to my favorite little person. Her name is Penelope Michael and she dominates the left-hand corner of my heart, and has since before the first time she sputtered out an 'aunja' in reference to me. Penelope is my 16-month old niece and she is gorgeous. I love everything about her, her coy attitude, her big hugs when she sees that i have her two favorite things (a laptop and cereal...) and mostly her giant smile and her insatiable curiosity.

There is one thing about my little darling that i do dislike, however. At 9 months, Penelope had an episode that landed her in the hospital for several days and produced an unfavorable outcome. She has diabetes. That's an awfully old condition for such young blood, yet she plows through it (at 4 shots of insulin each day!) with a patience like i've never seen in a toddler before. She takes her socks off when she sees that daddy or mommy are getting ready to test her blood... she runs around the house attacking my mom's 130 lb dog, Zeus, with a plastic needle that came in her play medical set. She's a cool little girl. And i love her.

Every day we pray that there will be a cure for Penelope, that a lifetime of diabetes will not be her story and that she'll be free from the daily testing and shots, and the most recent scare- diabetic shock. Even if that day never comes, though, i'm thankful that she survived that first, horrendous attack. I'm grateful that the root problem was discovered and that she's being treated. And i know, that my entire family, especially her adoring parents, are thankful for her wonderful, brightening presence each and every day.

Peanut, this one's for you... auntie auna loves you

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