Friday, August 26, 2011

The beauty of BORAX

So, yesterday I posted a tutorial for a DIY laundry detergent that involves borax. I've had this container of borax for months, and for the first time ever I happened to check out the back while making that tutorial. Borax is incredible! Baking soda is still the most versatile agent I've known... but check out all the things borax can do...

1. Laundry boost, and HE compatible:
Add 1/2 cup to every load along with your regular detergent (which should be this DIY natural detergent) and it will ... 1) remove tough stains 2) be a natural alternative to ColorSafe Bleach 3) Deodorize and freshen and 4) Naturally soften hard water.

2. Bathroom/Kitchen cleaning and deodorizing:
Sprinkle borax on a damp sponge or cloth and wipe your shower/tub/tile/counter. It will... 1) clean without chemical fumes (bird owners) or scratching (great for porcelain and fiberglass) 2) remove soap scum, hard water deposits and dirt 3) help dishes really shine while removing grease and grime and 4) eliminate odors and freshen.

3. Garbage disposal and drain
Sprinkle 2-3 tablespoons in the food waste disposal/drain. Allow it to stand for 15 minutes or longer and then flush with water for a few seconds (with disposal on).

4. Toilet bowls
Add 1/4 cup into the bowl and swish with your brush, allow it to stand 30 minutes or overnight.

5. Laundry stains
Works great on tough stains including tomato sauce, oil/grease, grass and dirt. Add 1 tbs per gallon of water and allow the garment to pre-soak for 30 minutes prior to washing.

6. Carpets and rugs
Dissolve 1/2 cup of borax in
1 pint of water. Sponge on to *TOUGH STAINS*, wait 30 minutes, rinse well, allow to dry and vacuum.

7. Dishwasher
Boost the cleaning power of your dish washing detergent (tutorial for DIY, natural detergent to come) by removing hard water minerals and residues from the wash water. Add 1/4 cup in the bottom of the dishwasher to reduce spots and film from dishes and glasses.

A lot of bennies from such an inexpensive product. I got my 4.75 lb box from Walmart for only 2.98. You can usually find borax in the laundry section. I basically copied everything from the back of the box, but I bet a little research online could find even more great ways to use it! I'm so excited to clean my counters now :)
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