Sunday, August 28, 2011

sweet sunday

a head band from the hair piece tutorial

I hope you're all having a lovely and refreshing Sunday! No tutorials today, but we'll be back in full swing tomorrow!
Wondering what's on the sched for 'la vie' this week? Allow me to clue you in...

Lundi: homemade dishwashing detergent 

Mardi: repurposing a chair (we bought the upholstery today! i cant wait to do the bench next)

Mercredi: my mom- queen of crafters

Jeudi: creating a haircomb for a special event

Vendredi: editorial/design... favorite spaces

Yay! I'm also working on several long-term projects as well that will be fun. And- possibly some guest bloggers for tutorials about all kinds of exciting things!

Enjoy today, it'll be over before you're ready for Monday!

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