Saturday, September 3, 2011

C'est la vie

Here we are, on our little adventure! I'm certain to write more about it once we're actually home... but this is already the perfect trip for such a blog. The idea behind La Vie is that our goal is to make the very best with whatever we're given in life. So... that being said... I've been anticipating this vacation for a really long time. My great-grandparents built a house on Lake Avalon a zillion years ago and they passed it on to their 3 daughters. Now the families involved each take turns using the cottage for little getaways each summer. The lake is GORGEOUS. It has white sands and crystal clear water. I spent sooo much of my childhood in that lake, diving for mussels and watching them close up once they'd been pulled from the water. I had visions of rowing in the canoe and swimming and gorgeous days sitting by the lake and reliving my childhood.
Yeah. It's going to thunderstorm all weekend.
So... currently we're hanging out in the public library (yes, I am still wearing my bathing suit underneath my sweater, I refuse to lose hope!), using the internet access and trying to find a window of warmth in this sad little forecast.
Whatever the weather forecast, I foresee some serious inspirational time ahead! There are some oatmeal cream pies that I'm DYING to make and well as a few crafty things we need to experiment with... I'm sure we'll come home stuffed and happy and full of wonderful DIY ideas for La Vie!
Enjoy your Labor Day Weekend, spend some time with your family and remember how incredibly blessed we are!
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