Thursday, September 8, 2011

DIY Fabric flowers

Did anyone else have a really great day today? I love this gloomy fall weather! I keep seeing references to the coming season of cozy sweaters, apple cider, donuts and boots... but for me, those are all year-round necessities! The real good news is that the weather has finally caught up with my lifestyle.

Today, we have a tutorial for felt flowers, but they could really be done with any stiff fabric (and you can always stiffen your fabric of choice!).
I did two versions, but there are so many possibilities here. I messed up a little bit on the gray flower (you can see the thread in two places), but for the sake of getting this blog done while dinner is cooking- we're going with it! These flowers are insanely easy to make and once you've done that you can use them to adorn anything you'd like... purses, hair pieces, onesies, aprons... you get the idea :)

These two versions were made in two different ways which I'll detail throughout the blog.


My very, very sad stencil
 Make/use a stencil to trace out your petals. I just did really quick shapes on a piece of cardstock. If you can't tell, I stink at freehand, but it gets much worse when I'm rushing. Hopefully your petals turn out much prettier... if not, you may want to print off that shape on a computer and use that for your stencil. It should be the shape of a gumdrop, with a little point at the top. You can get creative as well and decide how pointy you want your petals to be! You'll see that there are three sizes here, that's because for the mixed-color flower I used three different petal sizes and for the grey flower, I used only one (the mid-size)

Next, trace your shape on to the felt/fabric. If you want to do the mixed-color flower, you'll need 5 large petals in each color. If you want to do the grey flower, you'll need 12 of the same size. You would use 5 on the bottom rung, 4 on the middle and 3 on the top. After they're all traced cut them out.
I used a sharpie to trace mine and then after they were cut, I flipped them so that the sharpie-colored side would be underneath.


Needle placement

all strung together

bring the ends together

String your bottom row together by hand-sewing them. I did 5 on the bottom row for both flowers, but you can do whatever you want! After they're strung together, pull a bit on the thread and decide how tight you want them to be. I kind of like the scrunched up look, it adds dimension, but you can make them flat as well. After this, stick the needle up through where the two ends meet and start stringing your second row. Repeat the stringing process for the top row. You can always have more than 3 rows, by the way, just make sure they're either gradually smaller in size or in number.
As you get to each row, pull the thread tighter if you want to have a more dimensional look. You can also arrange the petals so that they're in an over-under pattern, this will help them lay better.
Once you have finished your final row, put a few securing stitches through the center. You may notice that some of your petals aren't arranged quite right, you can see that in the black petals in mine. If that's the case, just secure them in their proper position using your needle and thread.
I pulled the center tight enough on the white layer that it didn't need anything else. If you want to, you can always add something in the middle. For the grey flower, I put a small piece of felt on top with a glue gun. You can put anything you'd like in the middle or nothing at all depending on your preference and how tightly you pulled the petals.        

You're done! At the bottom of the this blog I'll throw in some pictures of the grey flower in process. If you have any questions, just let me know. I try not to use too many pictures in my blogs, so if in any DIY projects seem unclear, don't hesitate to ask! Also, remember that you can click on any picture to see it enlarged.

Have a fantastic evening. Tomorrow we'll be back for more!

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