Monday, September 12, 2011

DIY Princess hat + 'la vie' this week

Greetings from the Golden Arches! Generally I'm not a huge McDonald's fan, but today it is nothing shy of a necessity. Apparently our modem died while we were away this weekend and AT&T can't fix it for a few more days. Clearly I can't go that long without blogging, especially because I'm very excited about the lineup this week! So, I'm happily eating a little parfait and praying my netbook has enough battery to last the entire time.
My favorite little person turns THREE today! I can hardly believe it. Penelope  has been a princess since she was born, but this past weekend it was more widely recognized by her circle of family and friends through a princess birthday party (though I'm sure she has always been a princess to them as well!).
literally everything you'll need!
In honor of her princess party and her recent adventure to a little renaissance fair, I decided she needed her own medieval crown. I couldn't find one that didn't seem cheap (i.e.; curling ribbon), so I decided to make one.
I went to Hobby Lobby and got the following supplies...

1. A metal band. They had various sizes, I tried to guess which would work best for a 3 year old. It was only $1!

2. TONS of ribbon! I bought small yard quantities, but a lot of different styles.

3. Scissors (well... not really, I already had these ;) )

Wrap thick ribbon around the band
Wrap your band in a thick ribbon and then tie the ends together to secure it. After you knot the ends together, be sure to cut the excess off so that it looks pretty. OR, the other option is to use a very long piece of ribbon and let the (long) ends flow in with the rest of the ribbon. That's much prettier, but it's hard to work with and wrap long pieces. I followed it up with a second layer in a thin, decorative and sparkly ribbon to make it extra pretty.


Knot ends together, cut excess

Cut your lengths of ribbon. Remember that you don't want your little person to trip on it :) It's really fun to choose various colors and textures within a theme. Penelope's favorite color is pink (really, I couldn't love her more if I tried!) and she also *likes* purple, so I found a ribbon that had various shades of pink dots as well as purple ones and then I used ribbon colors in those shades. I also put in some sequence ribbon and sparkle ribbon to make it more snazzy. Little girls like glitz. Between 1-2 yards is a good length.

STEP THREE:In the same 2-7 inch area, knot the ribbon around the band. Obviously, the more inch coverage you have, the further around the back of her head the ribbon will cover. Mine is somewhere in the middle- probably 3-4 inches of ribbon. Also, remember to wrap from the middle and not the ends, this looks prettier, plus then you get 2 dangling ribbons for the effort of having knotted once.

Arrange the ribbon until it looks lovely, twisting and turning the knots until the ribbon is all cascading down on the same side.

Give to your favorite little princess :)

So, there you have it... a very inexpensive and fun little present for your favorite girl(s!). It can also be used as a ribbon dancer as well, which seems very "tangled" to me! I'm sure any little girl would have fun twirling and feeling the ribbons rush around her while she dances!

Now for this week in "la vie" ... it should be a very full week! with no internet at home, I'll be forced to do nothing other than craft and document today... though I probably *should* clean the house and I *did* promise to dye John's hair today ;)

Monday: DIY princess renaissance style crown
Tuesday: DIY Anthro knock-off shirt
Wednesday: Editorial- spaces and places
Thursday: Homemade applesauce (fall!)
Friday: DIY pattern-free dress (i made it Saturday night in 30 minutes!)

Have a great week and check back for more inspiration!
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