Friday, September 9, 2011

DIY- Refreshing citrus & romano, asiago pasta

What a busy day! I know, clearly this picture of pasta has nothing to do with the oatmeal cream pies that were supposed to be featured today. I'm sure you have days that don't quite seem to go the way you want them to, not that they're bad, it's just that maybe you were a bit too aggressive in your planning? Yeah. That's my life. So... for days like those, I have a stash of quicker blogs that can be posted! Prepared? Yes. I have a general fear of being unprepared, so I try to avoid it :)
SO, last week I asked John what he'd like to eat for dinner and he said he wanted a light pasta. Hm. At least it's more specific than "I don't know... anything?"... so, I thought of a citrus-ish pasta and here it is! There aren't a ton of ingredients and it's pretty good, which is awesome. The key is to make sure that you really mix it up so that the cheese is evenly distributed, otherwise it can be bland.

2 Tbs Olive oil
2 cloves garlic, pressed
1/2 cup romano cheese, shredded
1/2 cup asiago cheese, shredded
1 lemon, squeezed
2 tsp onion powdered
Salt & pepper to taste

While my favorite whole wheat pasta was cooking, I mixed together the rest of the ingredients. Shred your cheese using a large grater. Generally I use a fine grater for hard cheeses, but because these are the main attraction instead of a "hint" as I usually use hard cheese, the large gratings work better. After both cheeses have been shredded, mix them together and set aside in a small bowl.
After that, squeeze your lemon juice. I have 3 juicers due to my infatuation with drinking warm lemon water (future blog!), but if you haven't got one there's a great fork method. Cut the lemon in half and squeeze as much as you can into a bowl, then press/scrape the sides with a fork. Make sure you discard the seeds :) Next, add in your olive oil, pressed garlic, onion powder and preliminary salt and pepper.
Finally, drain your pasta, put EVERYTHING in your serving dish and toss it really well. Portion out the servings taking care to make sure the cheese is evenly distributed. Place pepper and salt grinders on the able for extra spicing as needed.
That was super easy, right? You can mess around with various hard cheeses or add in some chicken to make it an entire dinner.
I've got homemade applesauce cooking (another future blog), a special present to make for my sweet niece who is having her 3rd birthday party tomorrow AND an adorable husband who is strumming his guitar and singing coldplay...

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