Thursday, September 1, 2011

DIY- save a child from a life of slavery

John, sound checking in Thailand
Today hasn't gone exactly the way I intended. I got home from work not too long ago and we're heading out of town asap on a really fun adventure, so it became a whirl of packing and prepping and ... yeah.... not blogging. I wasn't able to do the tutorial I wanted, but when I heard that the Sargent Avenue video for Euphoria was released today, I thought of something entirely new.
If you don't know, my husband plays for a band called Sargent Avenue that partners with Traffic Jam, an organization that uses celebrity figures, bands and fans to help end the sex trafficking of children. In June, his band traveled with Traffic Jam to Thailand and Cambodia as part of a tour, documentary and MTV exit show about human trafficking. It's tragic to hear the stories he tells about children and women who are slaves to the whim of whoever will pay the highest dollar. It's heart breaking.
posing with one of the orphanages
This song was written from the perspective of a young girl who has been sold into sex slavery and the video is comprised of footage from the MTV show and their actual stay in Thailand. The guys will tell you that playing that song in front of and to women who were being trafficked, watching their faces as they began to understand that this music was written for and about them, really made an indelible change in them. They have become all about ending sex slavery and freeing women and children from this bondage.

However, we *all* have the opportunity to be DIY slavery stoppers. I'm a firm believer that it's up to each individual to shape the world. Sometimes we can feel so small and insignificant and wonder if our part really makes a difference, but it truly does. I promise, it does. As we choose to shape our world, we will influence others and (slowly) but surely, change will happen.
in a thai cafe run by freed women
We can make human trafficking history. If you're interesting in being part, I encourage you to do three things...
A. Give. I know times are tough, but every dollar counts and anything you can give will help to save lives. There are many charities and foundations dedicated to saving women and children from trafficking. If you want to give specifically to Sargent Avenue, they have just announced that they are collecting funds to build a home for children who have been rescued from trafficking. You can learn more about it by clicking here.

B. Support. There are many homes for those who have been saved from trafficking. Often the women sustain themselves and their families through selling wares. Consider purchasing their products for yourself or as a present for others as occasions roll around. Also, consider supporting a child in a high-risk area (southeast asia, for example). Being involved in a child's life in that way may save her from being sold by family members. I know of one called Rahab Ministries that sells beautiful jewelry made by former slaves, now free.

C. Pray. As long as there is a demand for young children and women, they will be trafficked. Pray that hearts will change and people who would normally solicit these areas would understand the dark, cruel world that they are enabling.

If you want to see the video with footage from Thailand, click here. (you may need to be signed into facebook?)

Thanks for reading, if I don't catch up with you tomorrow then we'll be back Tuesday with more DIY goodness.

Ps- John, darling, I am so proud to be your wife. Keep fighting for freedom.
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