Tuesday, September 20, 2011

DIY spice up your shoes with shoe clips!

Just a very quick blog from me today! I have a full plate this afternoon, still needing to write the rest of the week's blogs as well as go to my job interview (!!) and then John and I have an appointment in the evening.
It's ok, though, because this is so incredibly easy that you won't need much direction at all. Shoe clips are a fun way to add a little zest or flair to a pair of shoes that may seem plain or a little overworn. I got my first pair for our wedding. I had ordered gorgeous shoes that I absolutely loved and they arrived just before the big day... and they were also huge. Enormous. Massive. I couldn't wear them. So, I really had to scramble to find a pair that would work in the right heel size (my dress had been tailored to that exact heel height). I settled on a nice gold pair, they were nice, but they didn't seem very special. So, I found a huge pair of shoe clips that matched my purse exactly and went for it. It wasn't an ideal situation, but it worked out!

my wedding shoes

All you'll need are the clips (which can be found at any craft store), the item you'd like to embellish with (fabric flowers, feathers, gems, anything!), a glue gun and hand sewing supplies.
If you want to use a single flower (like in the picture) you'll only need to sew the clip on to the flower and be done (there are holes on back of the clips for attaching with thread). If you want it to be a little more complicated... for example, you'd like to combine several elements, then I suggest that you glue everything to a small piece of felt and then sew *that* to the clip. If the embellishment is very large, you may need to attach a few clips to it (middle and sides) so that it lays nicely against the shoe.
It's really easy and making them is far less expensive than buying them (mine were around $25). If you aren't interested in assembling an embellishment, but you want to make shoe clips there are definitely options. Craft stores sell tons of fully embellished pieces for headbands that will work marveously for this project. All three flowers in my example pictures were sold as headband embellishments!
I hope you have a wonderful day! check back tomorrow for more inspiration.

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