Friday, September 23, 2011

Keira Knightley makeup, pt 2

So. I really don't love the way this turned out. My camera still hasn't been replaced and no matter what I did, it still looks like there isn't much eyeshadow on my lids and I can't get it to look as bright via photo as it does in real life. I'm thinking there may need to be some WHITE EYESHADOW highlighting along the lash line (top/bottom) visible past the black liner. I also need some sweet photoshopping like Ms. Knightley has to make the whites more vibrant. Or some really great visine :)
Basically, you follow the same steps outlined in this blog, stopping before the liner stage.

Bring the bronze shade all along underneath the eye and around it with a thick liner brush. Repeat with the darkest brown shade

Add a liquid liner along the top and bottom- thick on the outside and thinning as you come toward the inside. I used Stila's felt tip liquid liner.

Add thick amounts of mascara to top and bottom. Don't be afraid to go all "twiggy" on the bottom if you want the same look she has.

Use a pencil liner to line the waterline all along your bottom lid and into the corners of your eyes. You can skip this if you'd like, I really don't think it's good for the health of your eyes. I used 24/7 from Urban Decay in Zero. It doesn't tug at all... it's the best pencil liner on the market.

Go back through and add more shadow if necessary underneath and around the eye. Then use your liquid liner again to line along the entire lid (connect outside corners and along the inside corner)

Highlight the inside corners of your eyes with some white shadow or a highlighting pen. Sorry for the extremely bad quality. Does anyone want to sponsor my new camera?? :)

Another shot of the waterline and eyeliner

Anyway, best laid plans, right? I don't love how it turned out... but I suspect that white shadow highlighting would really help. If anyone tries it, let me know if that works better. Maybe I'll go hunting for some bronze shadow that's more reflective. Good luck with the look... I've got to finish the Pumpkin Apple Butter :)

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