Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Places and Spaces

Generally I write the entire week's worth of blogs in one-two days and then just post them daily. I have the entire week finished *except* for the anthro shirt, my sewing machine went haywire on me. So, we'll be posting tomorrow's blog today and today's tomorrow!
Today, I wanted to highlight some of my favorite spaces. It's really important to have places you absolutely love in your home. Our culture and our world is becoming increasingly more complex and therefore, more stressful. It seems like each year I get more and more busy! The same goes for my family and friends, we're moving at warp speed these days. Having places of respite in your home helps to alleviate some of the stress of life. I like to fill our home things things that make me feel comfortable and at peace as well as things which make life easier.
There are TONS (especially in the "make life easier" category), but I'd like to highlight two today.
the bringer of relief
The first is so simple, and probably the best $10 I've ever spent. It has really improved the quality of my generally restless sleep. Like many people, I have the inside "side" of the bed against the wall. For some, it really isn't a problem... especially for you insanely blessed few that can fall asleep anywhere, any time and in any amount of noise. I am so not you. I have at least 2 sleep disorders and one of my biggest goals is taming them. Throughout the night I wake up often, and as soon as I wake up, I *have* to check the clock. I just have do! I have to know if it's worth trying to go back to sleep or if I may as well get up and start my day. We also have an entire army of birds in our complex that have decided that 3 am is clearly the best time to ward off would-be competitors and make as much noise as possible. If that weren't enough, I like to stay up a little bit later than my spouse reading and I also wake up at a different time than him, making a separate alarm necessary. All of these issues caused me to have to a) wake him up several times a night intentionally or b) try to lean over to him to get/see what I need... which woke him up anyway. Sometimes, I'd feel really guilty (around the 7-8th time) and just lay there awake trying to wait as long as possible.
However, all of that was solved with a $10 shelf from Ikea. This bad boy is TINY but it works wonders! It's just the right size to keep from being obtrusive, but it can hold my earplugs (those crazy birds!), alarm clock, phone, glass of water and book with ease. If you're like me- which studies show that Americans are increasingly suffering from sleep disorders- then really consider this. Sometimes you may not know what is causing you to lose sleep at night, but take some time to investigate it. Having a shelf full of solutions has really increased my peace of mind at night and allowed me to sleep longer and fall asleep faster.
Next, I'm going to attach a magazine rack below the shelf, right at the level of my mattress to tuck away my laptop at night. Very exciting!
The second doesn't help me sleep at night, but it DOES fill my life with inspiration! It's my very own little corner. Everyone needs their own space at home for doing ... whatever it is that they do! My husband and I share everything, even our "amusante" room, which is a place we invented for being artistic. In that room we have stored all of his musical gear and equipment as well as my art/craft supplies and the majority of our books. I love that room. It speaks to me. However it's our room. This little corner is mine (well... still ours, but mine). When we first moved into our little home this was a very empty and barren corner. I knew immediately that if nothing else, it needed a chair. Then I knew it needed some art... but not just any art... I knew exactly what I wanted it to look like, so I painted something specifically for it myself. Then I knew It needed a bookshelf. I love bookshelves. So, I got one and I assembled it and now I'm filling it up. And finally, it was just the right place for the little white column that I took from my mom. I really love that column and they didn't have a use for it anymore, so I snagged it right up even though there wasn't anywhere to put it yet. Even just *looking* at this corner inspires me because it's so full of things that speak who I am to myself.
I really encourage you to make a little space of your own in your home for yourself. It can be where you write, plan, create, think, journal, pray... whatever it is that you do that makes you who you are. Even if it's just a quiet place where you can be by yourself and free from pressures of life to collect your thoughts and recharge, make it, and make it your own.  It has been a great investment and a way to help make an empty, barren place a little bit more like a home.
I hope you have a wonderful day today... remember, your home is your castle! Do what you can to make it speak to you.

ps- just so we're all aware... when we made out the color chart for our home (yes, we charted each room!), yellow + grey wasn't a trend yet. Hence the reason we had to make our own art, I bet we could get TONS now!

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