Tuesday, October 25, 2011

DIY Hair Glitter (Costumes)

John and I are attending a costume party this week with a bunch of friends, as I'm sure many people are :) I was never allowed to celebrate halloween growing up, but each year my mom would make me a costume for a harvest costume party she allowed us to throw with our friends. I guess I'm still doing that sort of thing in my mid-late twenties :)
My goal is to make our costumes as inexpensively as possible. We did however discover that thrift stores can be more expensive than buying something new. Crazy, right? We're managing to get away with both costumes for less than $15, though, which I think is a feat. By sewing and rummaging through decorations at my mom's house, we achieved the majority of this success. Now we're using makeup I already have and other things laying around to complete the task. I really want to use hair glitter, but I don't want to buy cans of it since I can't imagine us using it again. I decided to make my own!
It's really easy. I made three different versions depending on what hairstyle you'll use or how much glitter you want. Remember to click on the pictures so that you can see them full-sized to get a better idea of how each version looks. Also, I included more pictures at the bottom.

Loose/light 1
Loose hair/light glitter:
Spray leave in conditioner into your hair (I used Tigi Fast-Fixx) and then sprinkle in desired glitter. Run your hands through your hair.

Medium 1
Medium hold hair/medium glitter:
Spray hairspray into your hand and then add in desired amount of glitter. Run hands through hair. You could also spray the hair spray onto a comb and then dip the comb into the glitter. Lastly, you could spray your hair directly and then shake the glitter over it IMMEDIATELY, but you'll have less glitter retention this way.

Heavy 1
Heavy hold/men's hair or hair up/heavy glitter:
Use a hair gel or a hair putty, 2 parts product to 1 part glitter (use more or less glitter for desired coverage- I used much less in the picture). Mix together and apply to hair!

Voila. Fin. Parfait!
John is definitely getting the heavy version. I haven't decided which I'll use for myself since I haven't chosen a hairstyle yet... but I'm thinking I'll go with the lightest one. You can't really tell from the pictures because I have an awful camera and I was trying to take them of myself, but in each version there is definitely glitterage going on. Even in the lightest version, there was plenty of sparkle.
I have tons of glitter here that I bought in the dollar section at Michael's.
Vive cheap costumes! Do you have any ideas for making costume elements less expensive? Let me know!
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Medium 2

Light/loose 2

Heavy 2

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