Friday, October 28, 2011

DIY Painted Silk Flowers

I mentioned before that we're trying to make our costumes for less that $15 this year. We're finally finished with them and the total came in at $10 spent, everything else we already had. We tried to use things that we could re-purpose, and these silk flowers were on that list.

stage one

As part of my costume, I needed loads of silk flowers, but I didn't want to buy anyway. I didn't need a ton of white flowers, so I decided to do one of my favorite things... paint the silk flowers!
Painting silk flowers is an easy way to re-purpose them. The firs time I repainted a flower, it was a GORGEOUS bright pink/orange lily that I wanted to use for a children's costume as a head piece. I needed it to be black and gold, though. So first I painted the entire flower black, then I painted the tips gold and then I painted the very edges with gold glitter. It didn't take any time at all and the result was stunning. I used regular acrylic paint, nothing special!
As a said before, I did it again today with a huge amount of flowers for my costume. This time, I turned the white flowers into a pink ombre-ish look. First I painted everything light pink up to the edges and then I added in hot pink at the center and brushed/faded it toward the outside petal.
adding in the hot pink
I'm not very good at painting, but if you want to make these a solid color that's even easier!
So, if you've ever had silk flowers that you needed in another color, but didn't want to buy new ones- here is your solution! I am here to say that it's easy and it works. All you need is a brush and some acrylic paint!
Our costumes are done and I'm excited to wear them tomorrow. I'll post a picture of our group together and see if any of you can guess what we went as :)
I hope you have a safe and fun weekend, whatever you do. Check back next week for more DIY and Delicious goodness!

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