Friday, October 14, 2011

DIY Rosette Accesories

I'm really not sure why, but I generally like to share my failures in the DIY world, and today we have another example! I finally found the ribbon that was purchased for the ribbon rosette bib necklace tutorial. I decided to make a few different things with the rosettes and got to work. Wow. Let me just tell you what... I discovered that this was in fact NOT wire ribbon. Wire ribbon is pretty necessary for making these rosettes as painless as possible. Instead, it had fishing line (or something similar?) pipped through it. Sad. So, here I stand, generally defeated and with seriously burned fingers, but ready to share the process anyway. It'll work for you. I promise. You're not as clumsy as me. Plus you'll be sure to check that the ribbon is wired and also make sure you have all of your supplies, right? Right.

Step two, backside with glue

Step one

If you've never made a ribbon rosette, it's super easy. I usually make them to apply to a barrette and stick in my hair. Cut about 18 inches of 1-1.5 inch ribbon and twist it into a long straw-like shape and then twirl it around and around until you have your rosette. I generally glue mine with hot glue along the way (on the back side- and this is where the burned fingers come into play). The hardest part is when you've finished twirling it long-ways and you're about to twist it into the rosette shape. The center bud is a bit blah-ish, but once you get going, you're fine. Some people stick pins sideways through the rosette to help it hold it's shape. I just keep twirling and gluing. I made five of these for the bib necklace, and between one and three for the bracelets.
For the bib necklace, cut out a piece of felt to your desired shape. You want it to lay right, so consider how much space you have between your neck. I placed a picture of what my felt looked like. Next, glue your rosettes on and then add a piece of ribbon to each side with glue so you can tie it around your neck. I put little bows on the side of the rosettes. You could also make varying sizes of rosettes if you want a more tapered look. Just cut smaller pieces of fabric (18 in, 12 in, 6 in). My ribbon was pretty thick for the tie, I wouldn't recommend this necessarily. I also wanted black... but the white was all we had here!
I made two different types of bracelets, nearly identical. For the first, I just glued down three rosettes to the ribbon. This was a disaster. It looked awful on my tiny wrist. All bracelets look awful on my wrist. Not sure why I thought this time would be different? The second one, I only used ONE rosette and first, I glued down some lace (I still have tons to use!). It would have been better with just the lace. 

Bracelet #1

SO there is our failure for the month. I'm going to take all of these rosettes and make some cute headwear out of them. I see barrettes and head bands and halos and all of that good stuff. However, first there is a kitchen to clean and a post office to visit. I I had a package stolen from my front door this week, and I want to find out if there's a way to ensure that the post office no longer leaves packages at our door if we aren't home. And then- work! Have a great night everyone, and a wonderful weekend. I'm starting a new dance class tomorrow which should be really fun!

Bracelet #2

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