Friday, October 21, 2011

Pumpkin-fest Part 5- DIY Pumpkin Hair Mask

So, let's just get it out there. I walked back into our complex after being out for a few hours and it STILL smells of charred pumpkin seeds. STILL. Two FULL days later! Amazing. 
Maybe THAT's why one of my neighbors stole the boots, haha.
It has been an interesting pumpkin week for 'la vie'. Monday we made facials, Tuesday was the catastrophic popcorn day, Wednesday we had a pumpkin cinnamon rolls & the baking substitution, Thursday was pumpkin spice latte day and now we're making a hair mask!
As I stated before, you could buy one can of pumpkin puree for $1 to use for the ENTIRE week! Amazing. I love pumpkin puree and we keep it in the house year-round. If you still aren't convinced, just google the benefits of eating pumpkin :)
Depending on your hair length, I'm giving two recipes. I have rather short, chin length hair.

If you're like me use...
1/2 cup pumpkin puree
2 tablespoons of your favorite oil (almond, coconut or olive)

If you have longer hair use...
1 cup of pumpkin puree
4 tablespoons of your favorite oil (almond, coconut or olive)

Mix the oil and puree together with a fork and apply to your hair. Cover and allow it to sit for 20 minutes, rinse well and shampoo as usual.

It was actually very firm. My hair may have even stayed where it was (on top of my head) anyway, but I used one of the disposable shower caps that hotels give away and it was perfect. You could also use any shower cap, a plastic grocery bag or even saran wrap. I also let mine soak in for 45 minutes instead of 20. I rinsed my hair twice, I wish I had only done it once, though. I'd love to tell you how soft my hair was afterwards, but I just can't! You'll have to try it yourself. It was also much shinier.
I also wish I could relate how distraught John was at the whole process. I saw a blog in the making. He saw pumpkin puree ALL over our bathroom.
Life is full of trade offs.
Tonight we're taking a Salsa class at the studio I dance at. I'm very excited :) If I can get to the Farmer's Market before dance class tomorrow, I'm going to get some more eggs and make a special weekend-edition of pumpkin-fest. I have some oatmeal breakfast bars I want to highlight. It's never a guarantee at the FM, though. There's a crazy lady who gets there at the crack of dawn EVERY Saturday and buys the whole place out of eggs. We're talking DOZENS of dozens... every week! I've never once beat her. I always end up buying duck eggs instead of browns eggs since they're sold out already. Jokes on her, though, because duck eggs are a zillion times better anyway. Hmpf.
Have a great weekend, don't forget to hit the cider mill!


  1. hey aundrea. read about your dilemma about FM and eggs... have you looked into getting eggs from MSU dairy? they sell free range organic chicken eggs for 2.00 a dozen. also, there is actually a place in grand ledge called winne's produce store or something like that that has free range as well. FM can be a PAIN! :)

  2. Brilliant- thank you! i've never heard of either of those places. Those are wonderful suggestions!


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