Saturday, October 15, 2011

Rosette, take two

I thought you'd like the see the silver lining from yesterday's disaster. I ended up making 2 cute little hair barrettes (following the same steps as in this old blog here). I also made a little halo band as well.
For the rosette, I hot glued some lace over felt, with the lace circle being slightly larger than the felt, then I glued the rosette to the circle. Lastly, I glued it to the barrette.
For the bow, I simply tied the 1.5 inch thick ribbon into a pretty bow and then hot glued it to the barrette. You can't tell because I'm not wearing it, but it's actually pretty huge. Probably 4 inches long! It's the biggest bow barrette I've ever made, but it's pretty awesome. I didn't think I'd like it as much as I do. Remember to treat the ends of ribbon with either fray check or clear nail polish.
For the halo, I glued the lace on to the ivory ribbon and then cut out 2 leaf shapes and hot glued them on to the back of the rosette. Then I added another, larger leaf cut from the ivory ribbon. You can't really tell from the picture, because the ivory leaf blends into the background. Lastly, I glued the entire piece on to the halo band. I like to hot glue over where the two ends meet. It makes me feel like that helps the band be more sturdy. Especially because I buy mine from the Family Dollar... 6/$1! What a deal! :)

One of my managers complimented the rosette piece immediately at work last night, so I'm going to make one for her. I'm excited... I have several of them to use up since the blog failed so miserably yesterday. We're heading to my parents today, and I have big plans for stealing my mom's sewing machine since mine is still out of commission. I have SO much to sew! We're also going to watch our nieces, which is really exciting. And if all of that wouldn't be enough... we're going to stop at a cider mill on the way... YAY!

My mom has been emailing me a ridiculous amount of things to do with pumpkins... I'm talking a VASSTTTT array of uses. I'm thinking next week will be entirely pumpkin themed. I'm hoping to get a lot done, since I have very few hours at work scheduled. I'm still looking for a second part-time job in the Lansing/Grand Rapids area... so if you hear of anything, please pass it on!

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