Thursday, November 10, 2011

Costumes + a Harvest Party

Today's blog comes to you from one of my favorite places! The gorgeous studio where I take ballet. I just finished a French lesson with the owner (who I love) and now I have some time before work begins, so I'm sitting in the lobby and writing to you!
This place is so beautiful. I wish I could describe the perfect pink shade of the walls juxtaposed to the vintage brick and massive windows, but I can't. So someday I'll have to show you. It's a fantastic place to dance, and to sit and admire.
I promised a while back to show you our costumes, but having left the camera on the other side of the state and then in John's car, I couldn't til now. You're patient, though, right? I know. John's turned out better than mine, but the vision was nearly fulfilled in both. The total cost for costumes this year was between 10 and 15 dollars. CHEAP! YAY! We used a lot of things we had around the house, repurposed them, and then added a few other things.
I'll show you the costumes and then tell you the tricks we used. Maybe it will inspire you to think of inexpensive things you can use to dress up your costumes.

Some of John's details
 First, for John, we used a leaf garland from my mom's house and a piece of rope. We removed the flowers from the garland and hot glued them to the rope. We also hot glued the leaves to little hair claws, added some glitter (glue lines + cheap Michael's glitter) and put them throughout John's hair. I took a pair of brown sweat pants, cut the banding off and then hot glued leaves to the banding as well. Then I placed the banding at knee level and scrunched the pants up to create a faunish look. We purchased an orange shirt from a thrift store, cut the sleeves off and removed the buttons for a rustic top. We used chubby eye crayons to draw vines down his arm in brown, taupe and gold. I wanted to put some on his face as well, but the boy does have limits ;)
For myself, I made a little white babydoll dress from a dress that has served as both a claire danes-style juliet and also an elvish dress. Then I wrapped green tulle ribbon all around to create some shape. Lastly, I hot glued my painted silk flowers to the dress in little formations. I also used glue on the edges of the flower and coated them in white and pink glitter. For my hair I bobbie pinned leaves in and added more flowers which I glued on to hair claws.

Pumpkin Carving

Can you guess what we went as?? If you can't get it without help, I'll post another clue :) Just a hint: there were two other people (bff + hubs) that completed our set.
At the costume party, John and I carved our first pumpkin. I remember watching or helping my parents carve as a child, but I've never tried myself. Good grief! Those puppies are thick! We couldn't decide on a design and definitely didn't think we could accomplish something difficult yet, so we just carved our name in and added a crown.
The winner of the contest won a caramel apple! I didn't end up seeing who won, but that is a worthy prize indeed. My best friend did a great job, as usual, carving a mommy and baby kangaroo. I can officially say now that she is with child (YAY!!!!) and very soon you can expect DIY baby creations. I am so excited for their little bundle to arrive. She is all golden and her husband is all dark, I think the baby will be a lovely mixture.
We have a great group of friends studying at the local university from China. They were able to make it to the party and Grace brought the most delicious dessert. It was something like pear flan and it was warm and wonderful. I'd like to have to her over to make it as a guest blogger. It was really something, I saw it on the counter and HAD to dig in. The look, smell and temperature were all so inviting.
Everyone came in really well dressed! The two hosting couples came as Buzz and Jessie (toy story)/Carl and Ellie (up). We had bikers, hunters, bunnies, 18th Century visitors, the entire gang from Mario Bros and more! The last thing I have to highlight was our friend Jeff who came as Princess Peach. Wow. He is a tall guy with a hairy chest. Definitely not femme at all. Sorry, Jeffy, but a picture has to be included!
I have to admit that this blog was started on Tuesday, now it's Thursday and it's just now being finished! However, it's very appropriate because I'll now end my day where this blog started, which is at the studio. It's ballet day! I'm also heading out with the dance team to go hang out with some students in an after-school program. We're going to dance for them, play with them and then teach them how to dance. It will be super fun! So, have a great day and enjoy the sunshine. I want to sew something tonight, so hopefully that can be featured tomorrow. Thanks for reading!

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