Wednesday, November 23, 2011

DIY Love Bottles/Ditch the Plastic

"auna" painted on bottom
Way before the discovery of BPA leaks, I knew that plastic couldn't be good for humans. The "worst case scenario" dweller inside of me always wondered if chemicals were somehow leaking into our liquids and then we were consuming them. And it was true! Everywhere you look now, you'll see 'food safe' and 'bpa-free' plastic being sold, but I still wonder what they'll find leaking into our liquids next. 
Due to that constant paranoia, I've been drinking out of large glass bottles for some time. The ones I use hold between 27 and 32 oz of water, which is generally enough for anywhere I'll be at a given time. It's much safer, environmentally friendly and requires less trips to the drinking fountain... yay! 
Square bottle/decor tape
I never leave home without one, and they seem to get a lot of attention. Lately the girls at work have been asking me to bring them these bottles, too, which I spice up and make pretty, a la "Love Bottles". If you haven't seen a love bottle, google it. They're great. The only part I can't get on board with is the price. Way too much for me! I started to think that if so many girls at work liked them, maybe I should share it with 'la vie'... so here we go!
First, hit up your local T.J. Maxx, Homegoods, Marshall's or any sort of specialty grocery store. There you'll find the perfect bottle! I buy a French brand of fizzy pop at any of those places called "Rieme". It is the exact same shape and size as a love bottle. There are a few other brands as well, you'll see them. They cost between $2.99 and $3.99 per bottle. Much cheaper already! 
Possible supplies
Now, I don't enjoy pop, but John loves Rieme, so I give it to him. You can drink it, share it or pour it down the drain :) Next, fill your sink with SUPER HOT, soapy water and submerge the bottle(s). Let them sit for an hour or two and then rinse them clean. You should be able to entirely peel the label off with ease. If you still have residue, soak a cotton bottle in rubbing alcohol and go to town, I promise- it will get rid of it!
Next up is decor. You can choose how crazy you want to get.

(A) If you want to go super cheap, use a sharpie (but you'll have to reapply). 
(B) You can also get glass paint at Jo-Ann Fabric for $2/bottle. 
(C) There are paint markers as well, but again... I've found that those wash and rub off.  
(D) Michael's also sells transfers. I got a really cute key design for $1, I'll update you about how long it stays on.
(E) Use packing tape to secure on collage paper, stickers, designs printed from the internet/your computer. This won't be permanent, either :)
(F) You can purchase decorative packing tape at craft stores as well.
Transfers from Michael's

Stencil on a design you like (or your name!) and then color it in with your medium. If you mess up, use nail polish remover or rubbing alcohol with a q-tip to erase it.
You're done! A super cute bottle, personalized for you, and at a far greater discount. Enjoy!

Transferred on
I'd like to do some beautiful, complex design with the glass paint on to a bottle, but I'm out of bottles AND time. Maybe this weekend we'll pick up another Rieme and I'll update this afterward :)

I'm debating about a Thanksgiving post. I shouldn't... but there's so much to say this week! If I don't post tomorrow, here's to a WONDERFUL Thanksgiving! Celebrate and be content. And try not to venture out on Black Friday :) 

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