Friday, November 11, 2011

DIY Peppermint Mocha

I'm pretty excited about how this turned out! It only took two tries this morning to get perfection and let me tell you... I really enjoyed drinking my mocha at 7 am. It would have only taken one try (since the recipe didn't change) except that my first method caused a massive explosion of coffee and chocolate across my kitchen.
Anyway, I'm including multiple versions/ingredients depending on your preference or how much time you want to give, so be sure to read the footnotes.

6 oz. coffee (I used plain- extra credit for peppermint or chocolate flavor)
1/3 c. milk
2-3 tbs semi-sweet chocolate chips*
6 crushed starlight mints**
Whipped cream
Chocolate sauce***

*You can substitute 1.5 tbs of dark chocolate baking powder
** You can substitute a shot of peppermint syrup
*** You can omit entirely, this is to drizzle on the whipped cream

Brew your coffee, crush your starlight mints (reserve the equivalent of one mint for topping your whipped cream).

Combine coffee, crushed mints, milk and chocolate chips in a pan. Simmer til the chocolate and mints have melted.

Pour into your mug, top with whipped cream. If you'd like, drizzle on chocolate and add a dusting of cocoa powder and crushed starlight mints.

ENJOY! Note, if you'd like a quicker version, use peppermint syrup and cocoa powder or chocolate sauce. These don't require melting. You can just add them to your coffee and stir... however, the result isn't as wonderful. You can also just add the chocolate and crushed mints to super hot coffee and allow them to melt before adding in your milk.

my two favorite things
I'm going to give the hot chocolate another go tonight... I want it to be SO delicious! Check the blog tomorrow to read the post. Also, I have two or three pieces almost ready to blog about for the black fashion repurpose. I have a sweater, skinny pants and a boyfriend blazer. I'm especially excited about the latter since I've been waiting for a full month to make it! I stole one f John's blazers foreeevverrr ago, but with a broken sewing machine it just wasn't happening.
As always, thanks for reading!!

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