Friday, November 4, 2011

DIY: Scent Your Home Naturally

Lemon + Lime Slices
Still no camera.
SO, today we will post about something that requires no pictures. And we'll do it quickly! I have a French meeting soonish (and I haven't gotten dressed!) and straight from there I have work. As you know, we recently added a little blue bird to our life. John was under the impression (false, false... very false!) that she would be less maintenance than a dog. Yeah, no. Dogs are way easier. We've already sold all of our cook and bakeware, learned to live without hairspray and every other sort of aerosol and bird-proofed our home in other ways.
The one area which is still so hard for us is the loss of candles. We're both really into candles. They're so warm and inviting... plus they smell SO good!
We can't seem to find a candle which is birdsafe while still having a scent, unfortunately. There are people who make claims, but we still see deaths associated with them. Better safe than sorry, I suppose? So we'll burn beeswax candles for warm and inviting... and use the next trick for scenting the house!
Lemon, lime & Cucumber Slices
Scenting the house safely is a great idea, not just for bird owners, but also for people who are worried about the amount of chemicals that we ingest daily. Some people even have allergies to candles in general. This method is cheap and easy. You probably have everything you need in your home already!
All it involves is boiling a pot of water with the scent of your choice.

Fresh? Orange, lime or lemon peels
Wintry? Peppermint leaves or pine needles
Warm? Cloves, cinnamon sticks or vanilla beans

Basically, you can boil any herb or spice you'd like! My husbands favorite candle scent was lemon sage. How easy is that? Lemon peels + a sprig of sage! Done. My favorite would be cinnamon sticks + vanilla beans.

Can you think of any other great things to throw in the pot or a fun combination? Let me know! Thanks for reading, check back next week when the camera has returned ;)

Ps- I've since updated the blog to include pictures :)  Also, I've discovered that if you put less water in, you'll get a stronger scent. You still want to monitor the water levels, though, because it boils down!

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  1. How long do you boil it for? I am confused, do you just keep it on the stove all day? Does the scent stay after you take it off the heat? Sorry so many questions! This would be great for me because I juice fresh lemons everyday and this is a perfect use of the peels!

    1. No problem, Lizzy!! You can boil it for as long as you want, just keep adding water. A couple of hours is fine, and the scent will hang around all day!


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