Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Fuse Box Overhaul + My Obsession with Aprons

Today is a day of apartment improvement. I keep finding zillions of little things to do around our home! I can't wait to show them to you this week (I painted our shower curtain, it goes up tomorrow!) :) 
The fuse box in our apartment has always bothered me. I want everything to be pretty. To make matters worse, my collection of aprons surrounds this monstrosity, which is just a shame. I love aprons. I have 14 at our house alone, and I'm always looking to add more (though, you'll see there isn't much room for any more!). 
Before + tape
Today I was looking at the fuse box and decided that it just *had* to change. I have 3 versions in this blog because I'm not sure what I'll end up with. First, I grabbed a piece of pink card stock and the extra flowers left over from last week's DIY advent calendar and brought them into our laundry room. I put the card stock against the opening panel and traced out the areas that needed to be cut. Then I cut it out and used double sided sticky tape to attach it. I did the border with the extra flowers and again, double sided sticky tape. I'm not sure if I want to leave it without the flowers, with the flowers or take it to the third level: frame, baby. I think this needs an 8 X 10 portrait in the middle. Then it may look like a matted and framed picture. Much better than an ugly old fuse box right in the middle of my prettiness. However, I think the flowers/ flowers + picture might be a little bit too overwhelming. That area is already full of so many patterns. We'll see. I just love those flowers! I want them all over our house, haha. 
Version 1
Anyway, hopefully you're inspired to do something fun to your fuse box, if it's something you have to see every day. I see mine about a zillion times per day, so there was no excusing it.
I didn't want to leave her out!
Also, my wonderful readers, I need some help. My camera is pathetic. It used to be nice, but it doesn't work well anymore. It's malfunctioning all the time and the quality just isn't good for blogging. I want a really nice camera, but not a $2,000 nice camera. If you have any suggestions, e-mail me at aundrea525@aol.com or leave a comment. It would be so appreciated! 
I have a lot more creativeness to move through, so that's all for today! Enjoy your November 29th and as always, thanks for reading!


  1. Aundrea! I love your apron collection! So pretty! As for the camera...I have always liked Canons. Their under $200 holiday specials always do me right. :) My first one lasted just over 6 years and I just got my second one last year, they have color choices too, this time I got pink!

    My mom actually got one model cheaper than mine and her quality seems slightly better, even at night etc. That's my only complaint, besides that I can't take 3 fast pics in a row. But otherwise its fab. I can even do instant development at Rite Aid and go "wow, those are nice pictures". Love it!!

  2. @Natalie- Thank you SO much for both the apron love and the camera help! My brother and sister actually gave me another fantastic apron tonight :) I'll have to check those cameras out, perfect!


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