Monday, November 7, 2011

la vie update

I have been so severely stunted in 'la vie' the last month. I lost the tension adjuster for my sewing machine, which really put a dent in my abilities and then I left my camera on the other side of the state! Good grief, I have to get better about knowing where my things are. I also began a new job with a different schedule and basically... poor 'la vie' has suffered ;)
However, after the arrival of a new (and much nicer!!) sewing machine from my mom (yay, mom!) as well as the return of my camera, we are back in business! I wanted to take an entire blog to share some things that we'll be doing over the next several weeks. November and December are going to be fun!
First of all, my blog clearly states, "here i'll show how i live life through rose colored glasses... by making the most of what i've got. While mostly centered around tutorials about baking, cooking, crafting, sewing and creating; there will also be editorials about design, fashion, beauty and products of the natural and organic variety :)" in the welcome section. I have done much with the cooking, baking, crafting (some) sewing and creating... but not nearly enough about design, fashion, beauty and organic living considering how important it is to me. So, we'll try to change that for November.
In November, I'm going to do an entire series about creating and repurposing clothing. I have an entirely black dress code for work and am not super interested in buying more black clothes. However, I've been rotating the same things for too long. We're going to turn old dress pants into skinnies, repurpose some men's skirts, change some sweaters and sew an LDB. Yay! Also, I'll introduce you to some more traditions from our family. My mom is a very gifted teacher and made life SO fun. Just wait til you see what she did with us as children for Thanksgiving! I want to also take some time do a few editorials about fashion, organic beauty products (the good, the bad and the liars) and design.
In December, every week day will focus on a DIY present. That means I need to start doing my homework now! I'll also show more traditions from our family, and I hope that you'll share yours as well!
Thanks for reading, I'm excited to get back into the swing of things!

ps- I'm also looking to change up the layout of the blog. If you're talented in that way, let me know!

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