Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Traditions Part 2: DIY Log Cabins for Children

My mom absolutely loves Thanksgiving. In fact, it literally breaks her heart each year to see it get swept away in the midst of early Christmas decorations and Black Friday. She absolutely refuses to start Christmas until after Thanksgiving is over and I think she's secretly disappointed in my choice to set up my tree every year well before then. Given her huge respect for the that special Thursday in November, it really isn't any surprise that she made Thanksgiving so fun and exciting for Nick and I. Every year she gave us the choice of transforming our living room into the humble abode of either a pilgrim or a native american. So, that means that every year an entire room in our house was devoted to either a tepee or a log cabin! Today I'm featuring the log cabin, because I can't find a picture of our *awesome* tepee scanned into my hard drive. Don't worry... I *will* find one! 
As you can in the photo above, Pilgrims Nick and Aundrea are sitting down to a lovely meal, surrounded by our favorite friends (note the white bear wearing a headdress of some sort?). Also note that Nick is eating a plastic apple. Hahaha. Love you, brother! We had a great time, though, and these days of building our little home and playing in it rank really high as favorite memories. If you have little people in your life, I really encourage you to take this on... it is so much fun!
For our log cabins, my mom would find the BIGGEST boxes she could. Massive boxes. Then Nick and I would draw on the outside to make it look like we thought it should (which you can see is clearly... very interesting). After that, My mom would cut in windows and doors for us with a box cutter. We also got little pilgrim hats from construction paper. Then we didn't have many options, but the craft world has exploded since my mom was in her twenties. Now, you could get a roll of wood-esque paper for $3 from Michael's to cover the outside with! How about decorating the window sills with paper flowers? Be free: explore, expand and have fun with it!
I really do hope this inspires you. It's one of the more personal things I've shared with 'la vie'. My mom was (is) a pro at making the best of what she has. She always did that for Nick and I. They were very, very young parents who were just starting out in life, but everything for us was always fun and special. So mom and dad, I'm *so* very thankful for your lives this Thanksgiving, I really hope you know how much I love you! For everyone else, enjoy! Create some lasting memories with your own little people and check back soon for the Tepee (which was my favorite!). As always, thanks for reading!

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