Monday, November 21, 2011

Traditions Part 3: DIY Tepee

I really struggled with what to post today since I have 5 or 6 blogs ready NOW. I want to post them all at once, but we all know that's sliggghttlly excessive. The tepee wins out, however, since Thanksgiving quickly approaches!
If you didn't catch my post last week about Pilgrim Log Cabins from cardboard boxes, you may not know the back story. I won't repeat everything, you can read it in the link, but this was a huge part of my childhood. Every Thanksgiving my brother and I got t choose between building a log cabin and a tepee in our living room. I LOVED the tepee. We also made little headdresses to go with the theme and played to our hearts content.
Like the log cabin, the tepee is super easy (though a titch more difficult). I have no idea how either idea came to my mom, the 80's was definitely not the era of crafting or DIY. In all of my childhood homes, we had little forest areas in the backyard. For tepee years, we'd go to the back woods and round up 6-8 long, slender branches. They'd need to be about 7-8 feet long and about 2-3 inches thick. We'd bring them home, bunch the tops together with twine and spread the legs out to create the cone shape of a tepee. Next my mom would cover them in brown butcher block using a stapler and then Nick and I would decorate them with crayons and markings in what we thought were Native American symbols. Voila! Your very own, and *so* authentic tepee ;)
It honestly was great fun. My mom mentioned that she's doing the same thing for my brother's eldest daughter. Penelope is about as adventurous and adorable as they come, so I can only imagine how much she LOVES it. If you have a little person in your life, and access to branches (though you could always use lumber or PVC pipe from Home Depot) give it a whirl! They will have the greatest time and you'll be creating moments that last forever.
We have a full line up in 'la vie' this week! I've got a gorgeous advent calendar, DIY Love Bottles, lots of fun Christmas decor, Gluten-free goodness and more! As always, have a wonderful day and thanks for reading! 

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