Wednesday, December 14, 2011

DIY Bling Earrings

My posts have been so much later in the day than usual. I have no excuse other than a very hectic schedule.
I'm really excited about these earrings. I made "two pairs" (I'll explain the quotations eventually) and I plan to make many, many more. I saw a girl at work the other day wearing a pair of sparkly gold, oversized earrings and they were SO beautiful! I especially loved the way the roundness accented her jaw and the gold glitter harmonized with her skin tone and even made it more luminous. I knew right away I wanted to get some... but I didn't want to *buy* them. No. I wanted to MAKE them! So here they are! 
(1) Tracing the circles
The supplies are so insanely easy.
a) Card stock or poster board
b) A drinking glass
c) Glitter
d) Mod Podge (make your own with glue and water here...)
e) Scissors
f) Heavy books
g) Earring posts (i like dangly ones)
h) Krylon clear spray (if you're serious about the glitter staying on)
(1b) Cut out circles

(1) The first step is to trace your shape. Depending on how large you want them to be, use different sized glasses. I went with middle of the road. Generally, glasses widen out at the top and are smaller at the base. Trace the shape on to your poster board or card stock. PS- I used black card stock for both pairs. You can see it through in some place on the gold pair. I could have gone over it a few more times to make them solid gold, but I actually liked the effect. It looks like brush strokes. If you want it to look more uniform, then definitely go with a color that matches your glitter. Cut them out.
(2)  Mod Podge + Glitter
(3) Repeat on the opposite side (you could do them in a different color if you'd like!)
(4) Poke a hole near the top on each circle (I used a needle). Either put string through it to create a loop or use real jewelry loops. Depending on the earring posts you use, you may not even need this part.
(5) Either first treat these with Krylon clear spray OR attach your posts and wear!

Imagine the possibilities. You only need one set of earring posts and then you can change these out as often as you'd like. You can even make concentric circles in different colors and layer them! They're so light weight, it wouldn't weigh your ears down at all. That's my favorite part since I'm super sensitive to heavy earrings. What that really means is that I'm terrified my lobes will stretch out ;) These would be really fun in red for a Christmas party. I want to make a pair to match the red shoes I'm working on. I should mention that I got the glitter from Michael's. All of my glitter comes from Michael's. They have little 4 packs for $1! You'd be surprised how long they last, too. If you want to splurge on more expensive glitter, you'll get a more posh looking product, but this works for me. 
The last note is this: if your card stock is showing through, just apply more mod podge once the first layer dries. You can put it just in the areas where there isn't enough glitter coverage. Apply the glitter again and let it dry. 
I have SO much cleaning to do it borders on ridiculous. Hoping to finish up tomorrow's blog as well as watch a movie tonight, so I wish you all safe and warm evenings. As always, thanks for reading! Pin It

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