Tuesday, December 20, 2011

DIY Feather Pen (For Kids!)

When I was a kid, I had a friend named Hanna (hah-na). She used to make presents for our group of friends each year, generally an ornament. They were always beautiful, she was born creative. One year, though, Hanna made feather pens instead. I remember being SO excited about them! Mine was completely white and then had little crystals glued down the side. I thought it was so fab. I loved it so much, that I always wanted to save it for special occasions. One the the greatest life lessons I ever got was the day I *finally* decided to use it (years later) and it was completely dried out. That was the day I realized that if we hoard things, we may never get to use them. 
Feathers attached
Anyway, I loved it so much that I thought I'd share it with YOU! If you still have a tween to get Christmas presents for, a set of these may be a nice addition. You could go more posh with it (luxe ribbons, prettier feathers...) and make it adult appropriate as well. I used the leftover supplies from two blogs (DIY Princess Hat  and also the DIY Feather Tree), because that's what we do at 'la vie', make the best with what we've got! I did two versions as well. One with the feathers straightened and in Christmas colors (Santa pen! for writing letters to Santa) and the other with curved out feathers and glitzy ribbon.
Supplies are easy
Glue gun (or really strong glue)
Feathers (4 per pen)
A regular bic pen

Curving feathers
(1) Attach your feathers. Put a line of glue on the stem of the feather and place toward the top of the pen. You can see in the first picture that I started my feathers really low on the pen and then covered them up with the ribbon. I kind of regret that now because that huge pop of plumage is really pretty. If you want your feathers to curve out, place them curve out. If you want them straight, cut them down so that they lay flat (like the white feathers).
(2) Twisting the ribbon
(2) Add your ribbon.  Starting at the bottom, put a dot of glue and place your ribbon, then twirl over it and start twisting up toward the top of the pen. When you get as high as you'd like, cut your ribbon and glue it down. Cover the edge with a) a glue line covered in glitter, b) rhinestones or c) a little silk flower.
(3) Add embellishment. This is optional, but you could put a line of glue twisting up the seam of the ribbon and then cover it in glitter. You could add rhinestones, you could add a little charm... you can do anything! Make it fun.
 I wish I had more time to do extra fun things with the feather pens today, but this week is so jam packed! I got home from work last night around 1 in the morning and was up again at 5:30, so there isn't tons of time for creativity :( That's a sad, sad conclusion. I'm busting tail to finish a project I've been working on since August. I really want it to be done before Christmas. I still have lots of presents to finish too, though. I'm really hoping you people are as behind as I am. Don't want to be alone in my horrific procrastination! 
In other news, many congratulations go out to our friends, Katie and Jesse (Jesse is in Sargent Avenue with John) who announced yesterday that they're having a little girl! They currently have one little guy named Ezra, he's one year old and soooo easy and sweet. I can't wait to meet the little girl they're bringing into the world! We love you guys! 
I have no idea what we'll be featuring tomorrow, but I *do* know that I have the day off. Maybe I can finish that super secret Christmas project?? Wishing you all the best this Christmas week, hoping you get everything done and find the time to enjoy the season as it quickly is coming to a close. As always, thanks for reading! Pin It

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