Tuesday, December 13, 2011

DIY Lighted Ornament Garland

And here we are this evening!
I'm going to keep this exceptionally short since it's already so much later than my usual posts. As I mentioned before, we're down to one car so I've been dropping John off and picking him up and then working in between. The verdict for the poor Aztek is a blown gasket. That means she is all done, so if anyone wants to buy her- please let me know! :)
This is a variation of another garland that I made last week. I actually like this one even better.
I tried it two different ways, you can see the first way is pictured in all of the tutorial pictures for the most part. The second is just shown. The only difference is the treatment of the tulle. For the former, I wrapped it around the garland. For the latter, I weaved it in and out of the ornaments.
Step one: secure the bulbs
(1) The first step is to lay out your base, which is a strand of lights. Then you're going to attach your bulbs. I used standard, cheap ornament hooks and wrapped them around the wire of the light strand. I pushed the hook through the break in the wire and then wrapped it around to make it really secure. Do this down the entire strand. The more bulbs you use, the fuller and more beautiful this will become. I had to make the best with what I had- that's the essence of this blog! I'll probably add more on to it once the clearance sales start. As is, I only secured between 3 and 5 bulbs between lights.
Bulbs added
(2) Wrap the entire light strand with strips of fabric or ribbon, covering the ugly wire used to attach the bulbs. If you need help with this part, refer to the former blog by clicking here.
Fabric wrapped strand
(3) Decide on your tulle treatment. Either wrap the whole deal loosely with tulle, or weave the tulle in and out of the garland. Your call. Either way is pretty.
Pretty easy right? It's time consuming, but repetitive. I did the whole thing while watching a movie, which was fun. It would be even better to do this with a friend!
Woven tulle
I need some more space to show you the last picture, so I'll rant a little bit. I'm really excited to post my blog tomorrow about the earrings. So far they haven't gone quite the way I expected, but I think it will turn out fun in the end. I also have to find some more parts so I can actually *wear* them. Haha. Also, for Thursday's date post I just need *one* more idea! So that's nearly done. Let me tell you, that makes the grand total 105 free/cheap dates. Not easy. Hopefully they're even more fun than the last batch. 
Well that is ALL for tonight! You have a wonderful evening and check back tomorrow for the lovely earrings. As always, thanks for reading!

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