Tuesday, December 6, 2011

DIY Lighted Table Garland

Bon Matin!
I kicked it out yesterday and did all of my blogs for the entire week. I'm thinking that means I have nothing to do today except for start next week's crafts! Though, I still can't do my hair oil until I get it back from my parents house. I have to start remembering things better when I visit them! Also, I *do* have an interview today which I'm pretty excited about as well. Yay!
Today's piece was an interesting creation. It started out entirely different and this is what I ended up with. All of my original ideas were ugly. I knew that I wanted to start gathering light strands to decorate and place on shelving and tables in our home. I thought I knew what I wanted that lighting to look like. So. Stinking. Ugly. 
Steps 1 and 2
I went back to the drawing board and started messing around with my materials (left over table cloth from a tree skirt I made yesterday- tutorial to come, tulle and a strand of lights) and this is what I came up with. I couldn't get a good picture of it (really desperate for that semi-professional grade camera!), but I promise it is SO much prettier in real life. I don't *love* it when it isn't lit up, but I may mess around with it more to fix that. I'm thinking of tying down more sections in the middle.
All I did was...
(1) Stretch out the lighting (I wish we had purchased white, but only green was available, depending on your colors that may not matter).
Burrito + end sections tied
(2) Twist strips of fabric around the wire. If I ran out of fabric, I pushed it between the wire wrapping and then tied it. I started another piece in the same area and started wrapping the wire again. I tied a knot at the end of the entire strand, not just where the lighting ends.
(3) Place your tulle on the ground. You want it to be 1 foot longer than your lighted section and about 8-12 inches thick. Place the light strand in the middle, scrunch the tulling in a little bit and then roll it up (loosely!) like a burrito.
(4) Tie sections of tulle tightly around in a minimum of 3 areas (you can do as many as you'd like) to secure everything in place. for the middle sections, I tied the tulle into a bow. For the middle sections I knotted it and cut the ends. I may end up putting the end sections as well vs. having a bow. We'll see :) 

That's it! Next week I'll post one using Christmas bulbs, I'm still figuring it out. For the rest of the week we have the world's easiest tree skirt, an incredible wintry fruit salad, a review of affordable stainless steel pots and anything else that pops into my head! Next week I'll start featuring some more DIY presents. I really can't wait for that hair oil. I gave a bottle to my best friend years ago, she has the longest, most beautiful hair you can imagine. Long hair needs love, and this oil will really make your hair healthy, shiny and soft with NO chemicals and no tricks. You can keep a bottle for yourself and give away the rest to friends and family!
As I said before, I have an interview today. I'm *really* excited about it and I'll let you know how it went tomorrow. It would be a great addition to my current schedule. I hear it's snowy in certain parts of the world, but it sure isn't in Michigan! How strange? Wherever you find yourself this December 6th, I pray you're happy and healthy. Enjoy your day and as always, thanks for reading!Pin It

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