Tuesday, December 6, 2011

DIY Shamefully Easy Tree Skirt

This is so easy, I'm almost embarrassed to post it.
Yet, I work today, so here we are.
I use gorgeous tulle from my BFF as a tree skirt each year, and this year I tried splitting it between our two Christmas trees. You see, we have one massive, splendid, coordinated tree... and then we have one small, personal, not necessarily gorgeous tree. The latter holds all of the sweet ornaments that have been given to and made for us throughout the years. One tree has the purpose of being color coordinated, the other of being sentimental... "and never the twain shall meet". 
Under the lil tree
However, my big tree really did need *all* of the tulle, so I had to steal it back from the smaller tree. That necessitated that I make a new tree skirt. I have big plans for doing something absolutely stunning... eventually... but  now isn't the time. If you're looking for something a) super low key b) super cheap and c) super easy... this is your best bet.
I have a bunch of leftover tablecloths in shades of pink as well as damask from our wedding. I haven't really found a ton of uses for them, so I've decided to cut one up for Christmas decor this year. You can see how I used it yesterday by clicking here. (1) I laid it out on the floor and decided how large I wanted the circumference to be. Once you've figured that out, (2) cut your fabric into a square that would accommodate the correct circle inside.
Folded into fourths
(3) Next, I folded it into fourths. You may see where I'm going with this and have made circles like this as a child with a piece of paper. It will give you an accurate circle without having to measure it out. I despise measuring. I'm rarely precise with food or crafts. 
The edge cut into a curve
(4) You're going to cut a curve along the UNFOLDED edges of the square. This will give you a circle. If you're unsure about your curve, then test it on a piece of paper first. If you want to get crazy, you can cut a different pattern along the two unfolded edges to create a cool shape. For example, you could cut a scalloped edge, that would unfold nicely. If you're going to get wild, test it on paper first! I made mine more oblong than circular.
(5) Open it up and fold it in half. Cut HALFWAY up of the folded edge and then cut out a small half circle shape (to wrap around the base of your tree. You're done! You can either hem the skirt by sewing, use fray check or hot glue a hem down. I did nothing. My fabric allowed for that ;) 
Step five
(6) Wrap your new skirt around your tree and admire. Wasn't that easy? If you want to take it up a notch, you can hot glue some fluff on the edges, or cut out a larger circle shape/use ribbon or fabric strips to edge it with. 
My usual tulle skirt
Just in case you're wondering, I *did* get the job that I interviewed for yesterday. It was so quick! I think it lasted all of 10 minutes. I love when that happens :) I don't start for a few weeks, but I think it will be really fun. Plus, it is SURE to provide tons of entertaining stories for me to share with you.
I hope you have an incredible day! Don't forget to take a few minutes to slow down and enjoy Christmas today. The season just goes by so quickly in all of the hustle and bustle of preparing for the big day. As always, thanks for reading!

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