Monday, December 19, 2011

Old Shoes = Brand New! Part 2

So, I finished the red pair today. They didn't come out the way I expected, but I still really like them. I went twice to the store to get matching ribbon, and twice came back with the wrong shade. Should I have just taken the heels? Yes, clearly. But that doesn't fit into my anti-'measure twice, cut once' way of life. Therefore, the ribbon is a brighter red than the shoe. I did the glitter heel to match. They're sort of "there's no place like home"-ish, but that just makes me like them even more. They're perfect for Christmas.
It doesn't really feel like Christmas this year? Maybe I've been too busy but I feel like it snuck up on me. I'm really ready to settle in and relax with my family this year, and I hope you are, too. 
Step One: Mod Podge Heels
So, (1) I followed the steps from THE FIRST BLOG to mod podge glitter to the heels. I have to say, the homemade mod podge (half glue, half water) recipe isn't the best. It was much more watery this time and the glitter process wasn't as smooth. I think it really needs to be well mixed again each time before you use it.
(2) I let the mod podge dry and coated it with Krylon Clear Gloss. 
Step 3: gluing ribbon
(3) Then I added the bows. These are my favorite part and the reason I re-did these shoes. I'm posting a picture of the inspiration... a pair of heels I saw online. First, I hot glued equal strips of ribbon to the insides of the shoes.
(4) Next, I tied a knot while wearing them to get the proper fit.
(5) I took off the shoes and finished tying the bows, pulling on the loose ends until they matched each other and were the size I wanted. Lastly, I cut the ends. Don't forget to treat the ends of your ribbon with either Fray Check or clear nail polish.
Step 3: All ribbon in place
Step 4: knot while wearing
Much better, right? They're the only red shoes I own, they may as well be extra punchy. I can't wait to wear them for Christmas, I'll be sure to show a picture. I have more shoes I'm working on still. I also have a few things to show you this week. I'm not sure how much I'll end up blogging this week with Christmas so close, I'm sure everyone is really busy! I may throw in a few more last minute gift ideas for those of you who procrastinate, like me. This year we're doing much better, we only need presents still for my dad and father-in-law. Men are so hard! If you have any ideas for dad's, pleaseeee let us know. Please. I've begged my dad to tell me what he wants, but I can't wriggle it out of him. John's dad is just so sweet and content, it seems impossible to get anything for him either. 
Anyway, have a wonderful day... and as always, thanks for reading! Pin It

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  1. this is great!!! i have narrow feet and pumps never stay on me unless they are the mary jane style. i have so many cute shoes that i just can't wear - will definitely try this as a solution! thank you!


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