Tuesday, December 27, 2011

a very "la vie" Christmas

I hope you had an incredible Christmas. 
I come from an extremely creative family (I could write volumes about what my mom has done) and I wanted to take a day to highlight some of the fun parts of our Christmas together. Throughout the week, I'll do individual blog posts about things that were inspiring and expand on them (just wait til you see my aunt's business!).
The first picture is a creation of my mother, peppermint mousse in cups made from candy canes. How awesome would these be with hot chocolate?? I have a serious obsession with peppermint. Especially peppermint mixed with chocolate. 
2- Grandma's pillow
(2) The second picture is of a pillow I made for my grandma. The fabric comes from a chaise that she and my grandpa (before he passed this year) handed down to me. It has been in our family for hundreds of years (literally! It's from the 1700's) and is my most prized possession. My dad recently had it reupholstered for us and it's now in our library/amusante room. I'm going to do a blog about it asap, but haven't been able to finish the room yet. I asked the staff to save the fabric for me when they reupholstered it and this is all that was left, so it's a very strangely shaped pillow. I have a tiny little scrap left that I'll incorporate into a pillow for myself as well to sit on the chaise. My grandma was really excited about it.
3- Kimberly's greatness
(3) Number three is a picture of a present my cousin, Kimberly, gave to me. This woman is a brilliant wrapping genius. Every present she does it out of control GORGEOUS and generally pretty tailored to the person receiving it. I have never gotten anything less than perfectly wrapped from her. When I was about ... I don't know 13? She and my brother (and his friend) were so ashamed of my wrapping that they took my presents and re-wrapped them for me. They were pretty right on. One day I aspire to be as incredible at the art of beautiful packaging as she is. I wish I had saved pictures throughout the years so you could see her array of greatness. I haven't even mentioned her homemade cards yet. Or her handwriting, which would be an extremely popular font. She's an interior designer by the way. And you should see her shoe collection. Le sigh. 
4- Ivan
(4) This is my grandma's dog, Ivan. My cousin, Wren, sewed this little costume for him... it was so stinking hilarious. I honestly laughed so hard when he came popping into the room, jingling all the way. I should mention that Wren is only 13. Not too bad, right? Ivan wasn't too excited to wear the costume, but it was a great deal of fun for the rest of us. And to be honest, my family has had a tough year and we really needed the laugh.
5- Johnny Baby

(5) My favorite present of all time came from God in the form of my sweet, sweet husband. John let's me cut his hair twice per month because it grows so stinking fast. It would cost us an arm and a leg to have it done professionally. Generally, he wears his hair longer and it's easy to cut because the shagginess hides my imperfections. Christmas morning, he let me (or rather, I did it and he didn't get mad?) cut it pretty short. Shorter than he has worn it in a long time. I was pretty excited because it turned out well! Maybe there needs to be a hair cutting tutorial soon? For men anyway, I'd never try to cut a woman's hair!
6- Penelope
(6) My niece, Penelope, is three this year. It was so much fun to see how alive Christmas made her. She has a tiny sister, Lilah, who isn't very old at all but already I'm thinking of when she'll be just as into the Christmas magic as her big sister. Seen here, Pen is all hopped up on pure Christmas spirit in her little footie pj's and holding her Nutcracker Barbie. Let me tell you what, this kid has told me a zillion times how much she loves the Nutcracker... and I couldn't be any more pleased every time. I totally get her. 
That's my last picture for today. I'm so sorry for the roughness of these two weeks. As I wrote last week, my other Grandfather passed away. It has been a very tough holiday season for us, having already lost one patriarch and then losing the other just before Christmas. However, in this second passing- there is still so much joy. I knew he was an influential and inspirational man, but there have been many wonderful stories shared that are so encouraging. He made his mark on this earth, and it will definitely have eternal returns. His funeral is tomorrow and I can only imagine how many people will want to come out to say "see you soon" to such an incredible man.
I hope you have a wonderful last week of 2011. We are very much looking forward to 2012. As we finish this year out, you can expect several more blogs focusing in on specifically inspiring pieces from this Christmas. I have an exciting painting technique to share as well as a few other super fun DIY ideas. Have a joy-filled day, and as always, thanks for reading.

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