Thursday, January 19, 2012

Adventures with Split The Lark (Read Me!)

I met Meghan, of SPLIT THE LARK, last April the night I cut off all of my hair. A mutual friend had been wanting to introduce us forever and since we were all in the same area that evening, we went out to dinner. I had no idea what that one dinner would turn into! Meghan and I share the same interest in DIY blogging and our blogs run very parallel. I appreciate her fresh, fun take on life and on the Arts and I really think you will, too. 
Yesterday, Meghan and I met for coffee, an interview and an adventure. Meghan blogged recently about her love for a certain antique shop in her city. The owner just so happens to have an antique shop (by the same name, even) in a city near me, as well! We thought it would be fun to take a little trip over there, pick out an antique and update it. We had a blast! There was so much to see and so much that we loved, buying *just* one thing was nearly impossible. We ended up getting a few things each and deciding to come back again to pick out more. 
We're going to wait to unveil what we did with our purchases, so for now, get to know Meghan a little better by reading the interview below & check out some pictures of fabulous finds at the shop!

Auna: Meghan, tell me about yourself?
Meghan: What do you want to know?

Auna: How about your childhood? Can you tell I was raised in a family of psychologists?
Meghan: I have four sisters, I'm the second oldest. I was home schooled my entire life and lived in the country. I had a pretty normal childhood, two parents with a marriage still intact (which actually isn't normal any more) who had a very high standard of education. I did go to a public college, with a degree in radiological technology. 

Auna: Sounds very interesting... especially your degree, which is *very* crafty ;)
Meghan: It's pretty much a form of photography, haha.

Auna: Which you actually dabble in!
Meghan: Now that I got a nice camera!

Auna: Photography is actually a huge part of blogging.
Meghan: Half of the websites won't accept pictures unless they're pretty enough. 

Auna: (I just showed Meghan my piece of junk camera) See what I'm working with? 
Meghan: You teach me to sew and I'll teach you photography!

Auna: It's a deal! So where does your inspiration come from?
Meghan: Hmm... where does my inspiration come from? (stares out window) a lot of my inspiration comes from the statement, "ok, how can I do this myself" .... mostly from other bloggers and books. I'm a book believer, I rent books from the library and even got married in a library. 

Auna: And it was a beautiful place to get married. 
Meghan: It was it, it was perfect.

Auna: And what was your first "ah ha" blog moment. Like when did you know that you wanted to blog? 
Meghan: Did I have an "ah ha moment"? I was journaling and wanted to put a bunch of pictures in it. I wanted to keep track of my new found domesticity. I thought, "this is stupid? Why am I not putting this on a blog that will keep track of it for me?"

Auna: That's awesome. I really like that. What do you do to keep the creative juices flowing?
Meghan: A lot of internet research, going to crafty stores, reading books. Yeah.

Auna: I love that you keep coming back to books. What's your favorite book? 
Meghan: Oh gosh, can you give me a genre here??

Auna: Yes!
Meghan: I read two books a week! I'm at the library all the time. Probably historical fiction. 

Auna: I like Jane Austen & Charles Dickens. (I just learned this is NOT historical fiction!)
Meghan: I'm not really a classics reader...

Auna: I liked American Girls!
Meghan: They were really good.

Auna: My favorite was Samantha.
Meghan: I liked Molly.

Auna: It's been so much fun chatting with you, and I can't wait for our adventure. Why don't you tell my readers what the focus of your blog, SPLIT THE LARK, is? 
Meghan: Split the Lark is a lifestyle blog, inspired by healthy living and recipes, it includes lovely projects and fun adventures of a newly wed.

Auna: You're about to celebrate your one year anniversary!
Meghan: Sunday!

Auna: Awesome! Congratulations. Finally, what do you think Split the Lark does best?
Meghan: I try to create easy, inexpensive, high-quality projects that anyone has accessibility to.  

Auna: I am a follower of SPLIT THE LARK, and I would completely agree with that statement. Thanks so much for sitting down with me, Meghan, I can't wait to see what we find at Lamb's Gate.
Meghan: Oh you're welcome!

Isn't she fun? If you like 'la vie' you will LOVE Meghan's creations over at Split the Lark. Thanks so much for reading, and check back for part two!

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