Tuesday, January 24, 2012

DIY Cork Trivets + an Announcement

Last week John wanted to walk around Ikea as part of his birthday celebration. That boy absolutely LOVES Ikea. First of all, half of the store is about organizing your rooms... and I don't know any human being in the world who appreciates organization as much as he does. He could spend hours staring at the different closets, where "everything has a home". Someday, I'm going to buy him an entire organized closet unit from Ikea as a present, but I'm afraid that he may die from happiness and I want him around for much, much longer.
While we were browsing, we picked up a set of cork trivets (3 for $1.99). We cook SO much in our home that we're always scrambling for some place to set down the latest steaming hot pot or pan. I don't like paying a lot of money for anything, so I thought they were a steal. Plus, I knew they'd provide a blog opportunity. Cork is so easy to paint! I've been painting cork since I was a teenager (for my 'inspiration board') and it works really well. Plus, if you haven't got an Ikea near you, you can do this with any cork from a craft store (or an old cork board). Most stores sell corks in little squares or by the roll. You can leave them as a square or cut them into any shape you like. The easiest thing to do is trace a salad plate on to the cork and then cut it with an Xacto knife.
For mine, I used a combination of free hand and stencils to paint. You can create your own stencils so easily with card stock. Just trace whatever shape you'd like on to your card stock, cut it out, lay it down and go! Or you can buy stencils at the store. To make the border, I traced a circle out on to a piece of card stock using a CD. It was the perfect size!
For the scalloped edge, I used the CD edge and moved it along the border until the entire circle was covered.
Another idea is to use sharpies to trace everything on to your cork and then paint it in. This will give you lovely clean lines. I'd like to do another with a sharpie lined flower in black and then fill it in with pink.
So go ahead and make some new trivets! The best part? If you mess up, just flip it over and do the other side! Note: they seem very shiny in these pictures and that's because the paint hasn't dried. The cork will soak it up and they'll be matte in the end. Remember to coat the cork evenly, though. No globs! 
There's no reason for this to end with trivets, either, you can do coasters as well! Plus, painting cork in general is awesome. I love cork boards. Magnets and dry erase don't speak to me. Maybe some day I'll do a blog about my inspiration (cork) board!
Something important to know: the URL for 'la vie' has changed to "laviediy.blogspot.com" ... so if you've been searching for my blog by using my uncommon name, you'll have to change your methods now. Luckily, you can follow me several ways, even using your twitter account or e-mail address. Check out the left side bar to see your options. If you need more help, just e-mail me at la.vie@aol.com.
I am SO insanely inspired this week, so get ready! Next week I may do an entire theme about decorating with fabric, plus I still have to do the DIY solid perfume tutorial. If that wasn't enough, I've been reading old Madeline books again and find the illustrations INCREDIBLY inspiring. I can't wait to make a Madeline-esque painting. I'm off now to continue creating away! I ended up staying at yesterday's destination for 10 hours instead of 5, so I missed blogging. I need to catch up with all of the ideas in my head now! Have an incredible day and as always, thanks for reading!

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