Wednesday, January 11, 2012

DIY Etched Glass

This is going to be super short because I just ran into a door frame and now John is on his way to take me to get an x-ray. You should see my head... it's awful. However, I could never go without posting. If this doesn't show my dedication, then nothing will. 
Just the facts, people. I saw on pinterest an awesome blog about etching using the Armour Etch cream. The blog was super complicated and discouraged me from actually trying it. I don't think it was her fault, she was highlighting a special ($300) crafting tool from her sponsor for the blog, so she wrote the blog around using the tool. My mom had a couple of bottles of Armour Etch at her house, so this weekend I took them home with me and decided to just follow the directions on the back of the jar.
It was much easier.
Traced Stencil
Here's all you need:
Glass to etch
A sticky stencil
Armour Etch Cream
Paint Brush
Xacto Knife

The stencil is the trickiest part. There are three great options I've tried so far.
Negative area cut out
a) Use contact paper. This is the very best option, but Michael's only sells Martha Stewart's "adhesive vinyl" now, which is $9.99. I didn't want to spend that much on something my mom and I used to get for WAY cheaper when I was a kid, so I didn't. I used chalkboard paper with a sticky back instead! It worked pretty well, but it would work best on a straight surface. It wasn't as flexible as real contact paper, so it struggled to follow the curve of my second project. However, I finished the second piece after running full speed into a door jam, so I may have messed it up all on my own.
b) Peel N' Etch Stencils. These are pre-made stencils especially for use with the cream. You can get them in sheet form or already cut into shapes if you don't have a custom design in mind.
Sticky Stencil 
c) Stickers from wall clings/wall art. You know what I discovered works well? Using the left overs from wall stickers. Save the part that you peeled the sticker off from and voila! instant sticky stencil

(1) Trace your design on to your sticky stencil, unless you're using a pre-made Peel N' Etch. Use an Xacto Knife to cut the design out.
(2) Apply the sticky stencil to your glass.
(3) Brush on a thick layer of Armour Etch
(4) Wait 10 minutes (I thought 5 was too short)
(5) Wash off with water, make sure there's no residue left

Cream applied
The end! I guess the trick to quick blogging is having a goose egg? I'm totally bummed because my third project was a GORGEOUS cake stand with "le gâteau" across the glass topper. Boo. I guess I'll have to do a part two after this whole head examination is over. The second project didn't turn out as well as the little birdie jar I made for Odette's seed. It was supposed to be one of my DIY Love Bottles with KING and a crown across it, but it's too long and can't really be read easily. It's also a bit sloppy because I was all messed up from my little interaction with the door jam. I included a picture anyway. 
Ok, I'm off. Have a great night and as always, thanks for reading! Pin It

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