Tuesday, January 10, 2012

DIY: Men's Sweater to Slouchy Shoulder

I know this isn't my first sweater refashion. I've taken in others before for 'la vie', but this one is my favorite. Slouchy, one-shoulder sweaters are so cute and so comfortable. Maybe it's the ballerina in me, but I just can't get enough of them!
Last week when I was doing the MITTENS/BOOT SOCKS from a sweater post, I had John try on all of his old sweaters to see which one could be used. John used to wear his clothes really big, so he has tons of leftover clothes from that era that he lets me pillage for 'la vie'. When he tried on this sweater, I knew it was special. At first, I thought I'd just refashion it to fit him... but then I realized that I *really* wanted it for myself. He's so sweet. He let me have it. He has several more sweaters he's letting me have as well so that I can round out my new collection of slouchy sweaters.
Perfect with skinnies and boots, right? I am so happy.
Cut that collar!
It was extremely easy to do this, you'll have no issue!

(1) Collar: I made two slits (one 1 inch and one 3 inch) on the seam on each side of the neck. Then I fold the material under and pinned. Sew. Fold the FRONT COLLAR over again, pin and sew. I liked having a straight line across the back of my neck and then the dip in front.
Pin those sleeves!
(2) Sleeves: This sweater is a men's large, which is too much for my frame so I hemmed the sleeves in as well. Start at the underarm area and pin as much fabric as you'd like to get rid of. Remember to taper the pins, start sewing right on the underarm hem and go inwards from there. When you trim the extra material, you don't want any holes.
Sides pinned in
(3) Sides: again, it was really loose. I wanted it to be loose, but look like it was purposeful, so I hemmed in the sides as well. I hemmed them in an hour glass shape (the waist was taken in more than the chest and hips) to create a nice curve and make the sweater seem more feminine. If you want a closer look, remember that you can click on the pictures to enlarge them. After you sew it up, trim the excess.
(4) Test: Try on your sweater and see what else needs to be done. Remember, it's easier to take away more fabric than to add it back in. If you aren't sure how slouchy you want it, pin it all first, try it on (with as little blood loss as possible) and see if you need more or less.

Yay! Wasn't that easy? There isn't much better than refashioning old clothes. You feel like a million bucks! Not only is it like getting new clothes for free, you also have a sense of accomplishment. I'm including several views of the sweater, but there's one incredible part missing: a row of super cute buttons straight down the back. I'll have John snap a few pictures and I'll upload them to a future blog about spicing up your current wardrobe. Buttons are SO cute and very easy to attach. Also, excuse the super sloppy hair. I know that bloggers are supposed to get all dressed up and show off their creations... but... it was really late at night and I just wasn't going to do it! 
I have two blogs to finish today because the next two days are so busy. I'm really excited about both of them, though, they're just time consuming. I can't wait to show you! I also have to clean out my beloved Aztek, a new owner is coming tomorrow to tow her away. I fiercely defended that car every time someone called her ugly. She was a beast in the snowy winters of Michigan and I absolutely loved that car. I feel bad to see her go, but I'm really glad that someone is buying her who can fix her up and give her even more years of awesomeness. And I super love my new SUV, so that helps out quite a bit ;)
It is absolutely BEAUTIFUL outside, so if you haven't gotten a chance... spend a little bit of time out there and enjoy your day! As always, thanks for reading! Pin It


  1. This is adorable and sexy, I want to go to a thrift store right now and get to it! Haha! Also, you remind me of Natalie Portman in these pictures!

    1. Can you stick around forever? You are such an encouragement! It ended up being one of my favorite refashions, I've worn that sweater everywhere!


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