Thursday, January 26, 2012

Wear that Scarf!

I mentioned yesterday that I was going to sew a little clutch for today's post. I'm so happy to announce that the clutch is done and it's adorable. Unfortunately, I'm blogging on location today and forgot my camera cord! Booooo!!!! I can't tell you how bummed I am. I really wanted to share the clutch since it was exceptionally easy to make. It probably took me 20-30 minutes from start to finish. 
However, there still must be a blog! so I decided to go through the "emergency blog fund" to see what we have, and here is a nice little one for today. If you're a scarf enthusiast, or aspire to be... read on!
I first came to admire scarves several years ago. They were super huge in Germany & so I bought like 10 zillion. I love wearing them, but wasn't aware of many ways to use them outside of what my homeland friends did (which I included). These days I've found several more ways to wear them to try and bring them back into rotation. I haven't been wearing them as much because the last few winters I have been SO into cowl necks. PS- I have a GREAT BLOG ABOUT COWL NECKS that you can make yourself without a single stitch of knitting. As much as I love the cowl neck, though, sometimes it isn't as convenient as the standard scarf. And sometimes it isn't as cute! So, I busted out one of my scarves and decided to show you a few ways that I like to wear it. Hopefully a few (or at least one!) are new to you. *** REMEMBER TO CLICK ON THE PICTURES FOR A LARGER VIEW***

(1) AS IS: Sometimes it's fun to just let your scarf hang on the sides. No tying, looping or draping required!

(2) KNOTTED: Maybe you want to let it hang on the sides, but it bothers you that the scarf is longer than your hem. In that case, knot one (or both!) sides. I'll show a few variations here. Move around the knotting for a different look.
One side knotted

Both sides- even knot high

Both sides- asymmetrical knot

(3) LARGE LOOP: Take the fringe and tie the ends together in 3 place (each side and the middle). Then you can either (a) leave it looped and fringy in the front, (b) flip the fringe to the back or (c) double loop it for an eternity scarf. **if your scarf isn't fringed, then just tie the ends together in knots. It actually looks really fun!

(b)- Fringe flipped to the back

(c) Double looped to an eternity scarf

(4) THE EURO HANKY: This one I'll photograph for you in process. You'll take one end and tuck it under on your shoulder and then to the same thing with the other end, giving you a little hanky. If you have a really long scarf, wrap the second end once around your neck before securing. PS- I'm not sure why I look SO ticked off in this series?? Many apologies. Also, the photos refused to go in the center... and I'm done fighting with them!

First end secured
Securing the second end


(5) LOOPED KNOT: This is one of my favorites and I'll show you the front and back version. First you'll cross the ends and bring them around to the back of your neck. Knot the ends. Done!

Crossing ends
Bring the ends to the back

Knot the ends


For the second version, just bring the knot around to the front....
Knot in back...

I hope you learned a fun new way to wear your scarf! The last one is probably my favorite. It's about time for French lessons & then ballet, so I need to turn my computer off. I'm thinking I'll snap a few shots of my studio (with the owner's permission, of course) to show you since it's just so stinking gorgeous. You may or may not get a second blog post tonight depending on how tired I am. You're definitely getting six this week, though, because I *really* wanted to post the clutch. If you haven't heard already, the URL for this blog has changed to Make sure to mark that down! I know many users have been googling my name to get here and that won't work anymore :/ You can FOLLOW US ON FACEBOOK or follow the actual blog through blogger or twitter/by email to stay connected. Inspiration abounds! Have a brilliant day and as always, thanks for reading! Pin It

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