Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Decals: Beyond The Walls

I have about 15 projects that I'm only half way done with, putting me way behind schedule! I promise to get ahead on them asap! Until then, I thought I'd show you a little obsession of mine: wall decals. I know these are really popular right now, and I can totally see why! In the complex, John & I live in, there is a $500 fee to paint. 
That is a TON of money.
We chose to pay a (much) reduced fee and paint only one wall, and we've found that using various other methods of wall coverings has helped distract from the over-all whiteness. One of those methods has been wall decals.
Though it's true that we used them on our walls, today's post is about encouraging you to think outside the wall, if you will, and imagine other ways to use them. To get your mind moving, I'll show you a few ways we've used ours.
(1) Kitchen appliances. When I first put a decal on my kitchenaid, I thought John was going to pass out. He bought this for me when we had only been dating a few months and he's very protective of it. I can imagine why, at the time it was special edition, which translates to "especially expensive". However, it didn't damage the mixer one bit! Try putting decals on your kitchen appliances- including your fridge and oven! I wish I had posted this on pinterest, someone else had the idea to put them on her kitchenaid later and it has made HUGE rounds.
(2) Sewing machine. I also adorned my sewing machine with crowns from the same series. I bought a couple packs of these crowns in various colors, you'll see them littered throughout our home. I alternate between the pink and the blue, depending on which room of the house my machine is in ;)
(3) Theme it- a. I alluded to it above, but I like to get multiple packs of decals and use them to carry a theme throughout our home. You can see that we've taken the same crowns and put them EVERYWHERE in different shapes and sizes. There is another crown above the numbers on our front door (and beneath the knocker) but for obvious reasons I didn't display it. There's a crown above the shelf that holds my alarm clock next to the bed and another one above the towel rack in our guest bathroom. Having the crowns all along the house helps tie it together without using the same color scheme in each room.
(4) Theme it- b. I did the same thing using different bird decals (as opposed to using the *same* crown in different colors). I also used the birds as if they were actually sitting on the surfaces vs. flying on the wall.
 (5) Theme it- c. Lastly, I used extra pieces from a large wall display to put throughout our home. I applied it to corners of walls and on table tops to once again distribute the theme in our home. This is a really great idea if you do have a full sized wall decal. 
I hope you're inspired to really think of ways you can use decals, outside of as center pieces for your walls. Think of bookshelves, coffee tables, night stands... everything!
I wanted to show you a picture of the sweetest dog, too. John & I found him running back & forth across a busy street in town. We got out and picked him up... I honestly was worried for half a second that he may be a biter, but he was such a sweetheart! He crawled right into our car and ran back and forth between the back & front seats like he owned the joint! Soooo cute! I hated turning him in at the police station (no collar) and desperately wanted him for myself. Ah well... c'est la vie! 
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