Tuesday, February 14, 2012

DIY T-shirt to Tank (no sew!)

So in early February my sweet, sweet hubs had to go to New York, New York.
I say had to, but I'm certain he didn't mind one bit!
I was bummed to stay behind, but it really wasn't the sort of thing that the boys could take me with them to. John had a fantastic time and everything went really well, and on his way out of town he picked up me the typical "I <3 NY" shirt (which I asked him to get me).
Before he got it, he asked me what style I wanted. There was the girl cut and then the boy cut. The girl cut was super tight and super short.
Not really my thing.
Pre- scissors
I told him to get the boy cut because I knew I'd just refashion it anyway. This is an oldie,but a goodie (if you haven't see it before). I've used this Tee-to-Tank refashion several times on MANY over sized shirts that I own, and it always comes out so great. This is actually the least flattering one that I've gotten- and I think it's because I asked him to get me a size small. This goes much better with shirts that are too big. My favorite one came from a men's L. I'll have to update with pictures of other shirt sizes so you can see. I've done it in practically every size there is!
The steps are really simple, and you can turn those old over sized tee's into something you actually *want* to wear, without sewing a single stitch. Not that I'm against sewing! It's just good to step away from the machine every now and then. 
(1) Cut the sleeves. Fold the shirt in half, hot dog style. Cut a giant 'C' shape from the shoulder to mid-rib cage. You can choose to cut it deeper or higher depending on your style. This is how I like mine. I wear a tube top underneath and it peeks out- you'll see. Too much lower and it feels a bit varsity basketball player-ish to me. You can also choose how thin you want your straps to be. I always start with them wider and then cut it down. You can always take more fabric off, you can't always add it back on.
(2) Cut the collar. Now line up your shoulder hem line the other way so that you can cut your collar. Lining it up like this ensures a symmetrical neckline. Cut another curve to create your neckline. Again, choose how deep you want to go.
(3) Cut the back. Depending on how astute you are, you may have realized that in the last picture, I had already cut the back, too. I forgot to take a picture in between. Oops. So, you'll want to line your hem up the same way you did for the collar cut (at the shoulder). Then cut another deeeeeeppp "C' for your back line. You can choose how deep you want this to go as well. I always think I've cut it in too deep and then when I try it on, it isn't as deep as I thought. 
(4) Check it out. Try it on and see if you like how deep the sides are... make sure you like the collar, etc. 
(5) Finish it up. Take the leftover fabric and cut out a long, thin section. Use this section to tie a knot around the two back straps. 

Wasn't that super easy? The whole process takes less than 10 minutes. Especially after the first few rounds, I think this refashion took around 5. 
Today is Valentine's Day! I am soooo excited. In my 5 (or 6?) years with John, I have never been able to celebrate Valentine's Day with him. Our schedules haven't ever jived. In fact, we've never even been in the same county on Valentine's Day. He was so excited when he woke up this morning, because we were in the same room for the first Valentine's Day ever! And tonight I get to spend the entire evening with him. It's really a blessing because this is my only free evening all week. And it certainly is the BEST evening to have free this week! I promised him I would finish all of my blog stuff before he gets home tonight so that I can devote my attention to him. That means I need to get cracking! I want to finish up the rest of the week before he gets home, so I'm wishing you a BEAUTIFUL and LOVING Valentine's Day- however you celebrate! Have fun and as always, thanks for reading! Pin It
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  1. I find that this works really well with oversized fitted tees as well. I like the softer fabric and mine always turn out better than with the regular tees. the arm holes don't end up too low and the thinner fabric makes it more natural looking and it falls better

    1. I would completely agree! I have some more "upscale" versions using a better quality ladie's tee as well. Thanks so much for the feedback- ladies, take it to heart!

  2. I tried this today and it worked decently well. It should work very well as a workout tee and maybe a beach shirt, which was my idea anyway. I kept having to make adjustments to the collar and positioning of the tie, but I think I have it where I want it. Thanks for the tutorial! :)

    1. Awesome, Katie! I promise, they get better every time. I used to *always* make my collar too high. The bigger the shirt, I find the better it lays :)


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