Monday, February 27, 2012

Refashion: Shorts to Skirt

This should be my last ballet skirt for a long, long time now that I've located my actual skirt. However, the loss did inspire me to create three new ones! Necessity is the mother of invention. BUT- this technique works for any short to skirt (or even pant to skirt) operation you may need. It doesn't have to be for ballet :)
I got these shorts as a birthday present in a pajama set. I actually really love them, but they had to be sacrificed on the altar of bum-coverage. I will not go to class without a skirt! 
It was a really, really simple fix. It would be fun to wear this with leggings, too. 
This project would be best from a fabric that moves + has an elastic waist, but denim and other options work as well. I may do this again with a pair of old pants and make a pencil skirt... so stay tuned. 
Ready for the (three easy) steps?
(1) Cut it. You can either cut the seam or you can use a seam ripper to undo the seam down the middle of the crotch.
(2) Shape it. I then just cut that whole crotch-y section off and evened the edge out. Don't forget to leave a little bit extra for the hem.
(3) Hem it. Pin the edge over and hem the skirt! If you're making a skirt out of pants, you'll have to hem everything. If you're making it from shorts, you'll only need to hem the new section.
The more I think about making a pencil skirt from pants, the more plausible it sounds. I have an old pair of dress pants that would be perfect! I'm really excited about it. I may start on it tonight. Now that I've announced it, I kind of have to!
Speaking of announcements, do you want the line up for the week?
Tuesday: Pencil skirt from pants (if it works!)
Wednesday: Furry slippers (guest blogger- mom!)
Thursday: T-shirt scarf (made from the BEACH COVER UP leftovers)
Friday: GF, baby! I have a few recipes I'd like to feature. 

Today is an INSANE week- so I tried to do everything in advance this weekend. Failed miserably. The only project I actually finished isn't even listed here! It's a two part refashion that I'm pretty excited about. If something doesn't go as planned, I'll feature it this week. If not- next week! Also, don't forget that today is *the last day* to get in on my MASSIVE GIVEAWAY. If you want the reader's digest version- just LIKE MY FACEBOOK PAGE to be automatically entered to win one of ten prizes. If you want more details or additional chances to win, then click the massive giveaway link above.
I hope you have a fantastic day and week! As always, thanks for reading! Pin It

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