Monday, March 12, 2012

Bookshelf Update

Here's a super simple little post for you today! 
I was going to debut a project I've been working on since August, but the lighting outside is awful and I didn't get the final pictures of it I wanted this weekend. I want to show it in the best possible light. I've been hinting about it for months and I'm afraid that I've made it out to be a much bigger deal than it is. The project is simple, though I do think it adds so much to a room. It's personally very important to me, it's extremely sentimental all around, which is why it comes off as being so huge.
Anyway. Look for that tomorrow :)
Today I'll just hit you with something small. I made over our KITCHEN CABINETS with this same design and really liked how it turned out. It made our little kitchen much less stock and way more personal. I decided to run a little strip of it down the side of our bookshelf as well. It ties the kitchen and living space together + it really does make the empty space there look better. 
I really love this corner of our home. It's probably my favorite part of the whole house (until tomorrow's post!). Every time I looked at the side, though, the empty white space bothered me.
All I did was cut a strip of contact paper to size and apply it to the side. You can get patterned contact paper anywhere, really. I got mine at T.J. Maxx for $5.99. So far it has covered all of our cabinets and now the bookshelf with tons left. You can get it by the yard at Walmart or in rolls at places like Target and Meijer. It would have been cooler if I had made the strip as wide as the shelf instead of centering it, but I used a remnant from the cabinet project. I didn't want to waste it!
That's it for today! If you're wondering about the fabric on my shelves, you can find that project HERE.
I've got to get to work. I still have clutches/scarves to sew and other lovely things to create for last month's TEN winners. If you haven't checked out the giveaway for this month, do so here :)
ps- have you noticed the beautiful weather today? Nice and gloomy, but not too cold. Exactly the sort of Spring day that I adore. It reminds me of England and makes me feel just wonderful. All the best to you, and as always, thanks for reading!


  1. This is such a creative and simple way to add pops of color anywhere! What a great idea. Also, I think the centered look is great. When I was first looking at your pic I thought, "what a creative way to add life, but not overtake the bookshelf" I was impressed by the idea of centering the contact paper. ;) Thanks for posting!

    1. well thank you so much!!! You just made my day :)


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