Wednesday, March 21, 2012


Let's get it out there. 
I like butts.
Now I'm not going to get all "sir mix a lot" on you, but for real... a cute little bum totally gets me! Whether it's a diapered little baby bum or a lamby sticking his tush in the air, I always have to stop, admire and, "awww!!!" every time I come across one.
So it's no surprise that every time our little parrolet, Odette, sticks it out I have the urge to grab my camera and capture it on film.
I think her birdie bum is just the cutest thing. She's always flaunting it, too, with the aid of her super graspy hand-feet. I call them hand-feet because they pretty much function as both in her avian world. 
This was especially adorable because it was so rare. We had our remote sitting on the coffee table and it's a strange remote that can stand up. So, there it was standing (which we never do with it) and Odette decided it would make the perfect perch. So, she perched on it... and clung to it for dear life... because no sooner had she landed then she realized it had nice, bright, chewable buttons and began shredding them with her WMD beak. 

Anyway, maybe I'll get some cute shots of an adorable lamby bum, shaking her tail in the breeze this spring. If I do, I'll be sure to share it.
Until then, this bum brought to you by the letter "D" for 'Death Grip'.

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  1. First "awwww" for your parrotlet and a second "awwww" for her butt! I totally know what you're saying. I love my little rat's behind. I think it's also funny because when I see my rat's butt for a while, it usually means she's up to no good :)

    1. I'm so glad you understand! I bet the mixture of cuteness and mischief is enchanting <3


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