Tuesday, March 20, 2012

DIY Customized Flower Headband

My ballet instructor asked me to create a headpiece for our recital this year and immediately painted silk flowers came to mind. Some of us have a dusty rose colored dress and others have a  very interesting shade of blue/green. I made four different kinds and this is one of them- in case you're wondering, this is "Blue Solo Ballerina" version. In this little tutorial, I'll give you all the tips and tricks for recreating this head band- or any version you'd like- for about $2 (more or less depending on what you have on hand or how many you're making).

Silk flower- I used plain white. You can start with a color and add to it or whatever you'd like. I once painted a hot pink silk tiger lily into black.
Paint- I used acrylic every time without an issue
DIY MODGE PODGE (Optional-equal amounts water and Elmer's glue, shaken well) 
Glitter (also optional)
Hot glue gun
Head band- I got mine at Hobby Lobby. They were sold in packs of 2 or $1.99. I've also done this with stretch head bands to make more of a halo look.
(1) Paint it. For this version, I used a small brush and tipped all of the petals in blue- ignore the gold in the picture. One of the other versions is tipped in gold first, so I used that shot... but it's the same idea. You can also paint the entire flower if you prefer. When using a white flower, you can generally paint only the insides of the petals, the color will seep through to the outsides. Next I used the modge podge mixed with massive amounts of gold glitter and applied it to the entirety of all petals.

(2) Prep it. Next you'll have to prep the flower to go on the headband. If you leave it as is, it won't adhere properly. Snip off ALL of the green stem at the bottom. At this point, the petal sections will start falling away from each other.
(3) Glue it. Glue your petal sections on to the band of your choice, one at a time. Remember to alternate the way the petals fall (as seen in the picture) as you glue them down. I always add a little glue to the insides of the petals (at the base of the flower) as well so that the flower stands up better. This allows you to really shape the flower yourself, making it fall flat against the band or stand really upright. 

(4) Set it. Allow your headband to set for at least a few hours before wearing it. Check it to make sure it is secure and reapply any hot glue as necessary.

This is the only one that is finished so far. I have the other 7 (mostly) painted, but I'm waiting to do the rest with two darlings from my class. We're going to finish glittering them and gluing them to the headbands together. I'll have to post a picture of all of us wearing our bands together after the recital. That way you can see what the other ones looked like as well. I realllyyy like the pink ones, too. 
It's another beautiful day, get out there and enjoy it! All the best, and as always, thanks for reading! 
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