Wednesday, March 14, 2012

DIY Infinity Cowl Neck Scarf- NO KNIT!!

I absolutely love this!
I made this scarf for Sarah, one of our winners from last month's contest. I had a massive contest last month to celebrate our new facebook page + design. You can expect a giveaway from me every month- and all you have to do is follow la vie via the blog OR facebook.

Easy, right?
I have 3 of the prizes done and 7 more to go. No problem, though! I am still waiting to hear back from Dorrian Kearney and Cass Jobs, though. Come on, girls- I have prizes waiting for YOU! E-mail me at
Anyway, one of my favorite projects was the LOVERS SCARF where I turned one scarf into two cowl necks. This is even easier than that project and just as cute. It literally look about five minutes. All you'll need is a sewing machine (you could try hand sewing, it would have to be a very tight stitch) and a pair of scissors. You don't even need sewing skills. So, if you have (or have access to) a sewing machine and feel really guilty about never using it- this is YOUR project. 
(1) Cut it. This may be unnecessary. My scarf had fringe, so I cut it off. I don't know if you can tell, but there are different sections in the scarf with different textures. It makes for a really pretty effect.
(2). Fold it. Fold your scarf in half, putting the ends together. If it has a "right" or pretty side, fold that side in so that the "wrong" or ugly side is facing outwards.
(3) Sew it. Run a straight, tight stitch from top to bottom, reinforce at top and bottom.

(4) Wear it., That's it! Mine wraps three times around the neck. It's so stinking cute, I can hardly handle it. I'll have to get a picture of Sarah wearing it to update the post with.

My good friend, Kelly, is coming to visit us today and I'm really excited. She took a traveling nurse position in October and we have only gotten to see her ONCE since then. She is the one who inspired us to get a parrotlet with her little darling, Tiki. Tiki can't come with her today, but we're hoping that she will soon and Odette will make her first friend. I don't like birds, but parrotlets are beyond adorable. Speaking of birds, the (dozens) of birds that live outside my my bedroom window are back for Spring. Normally this is fabulous, I love the sound of wild birds chirping. However, parking lot lights screw up a birds sense of time... and these birds... all of them... go wild between 2 am and 5 am every morning. Time to break out the ear plugs for the rest of the year!
Today is another glorious day. I wish you all the best and as always, thanks for reading. 

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