Thursday, March 29, 2012

DIY Suitcase to Craft/Sewing Box

I've been holding on to this post for a long time.
I got this cream-colored suitcase before French lessons over a month ago and absolutely love it! I couldn't wait to rush into the coffee shop to show my friend. It's perfect.
I had been searching for a piece to make over into a sewing box for months. You see, my husband is super organized and clean. It makes him so happy when I try to keep things more organized, so I do my best. My sewing items tend to be randomly scattered out the house and something had to be created to hold them all together!
This project is part of a larger mission to organize our "les amusantes" room... which is what we consider to be our room centered around the arts and inspiration. It's where my "library" is as well as crafting supplies, John's instruments and my beloved chaise. I have one new development in that room that I *can't wait* to share with you! It is awesome. 
This little organizational box was really easy as well as extremely adorable. Why organize if you can't make it cute?
That's my theory anyway.

This piece of luggage is relatively small. It would have been a carry on. There are two gorgeous pieces of material that fold over the top of each section and lock in place. It only cost me $14 at a second hand shop and pieces like this are a dime/dozen. There were a few different suitcases at the shop & they get more all the time. Mine was in really good shape, the interior is gorgeous and it even still had the original keys to lock it with. Not that I need to lock it. Yet. Some day when we have little people I'll have to lock them out or they'll get my favorite sewing scissors!

All you'll need is...
a) an old suitcase/luggage/box
b) organizing trays
c) velcro
d) paint (optional)

(1) Arrange it. I wanted a little organizing tray and a thread holder for my sewing box. I got the thread holder for $4 at walmart and already had the organizing tray. The tray was zebra striped, which I love, but didn't match the feel of the case. I just coated it with spray paint and a regular acrylic. No big deal. Figure out how you want your trays to set in the box.
(2) Velcro it. Next, just take industrial velcro with adhesive backing. I put two strips on each tray, attaching them first to the trays, then taking the plastic backing off of the velcro and sticking the trays to the bottom of the case. I use velcro so that if I ever want to have this transform back into a suitcase, it's easy. Plus, then I can switch around the trays at will!
That's it! SO easy, right? I like using the middle section for storing scissors and fabric/pattern pens. I use the back zippered section to hold the extra pieces for my sewing machine. The top section I use to hold my current sewing project. It easily stashes all of the little pattern pieces and then closes off from the rest of the case. Voila!
You could technically use this to store anything- not just crafts or sewing materials. I have a few vintage suitcases and love all of them. One is kind of a set, which is extremely exciting. And extremely red. 
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That's it for me today. I hope you have a fabulous day and as always, thanks for reading. 

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  1. Ohhhhh super! Ik was net van die diy organize boxes aan het googlen en dacht...Als ik nou een mooie witte koffer kan omtoveren tot verf/penseel/teken/doos, dan zou dat super zijn. En nu zie ik dat je hier een naaidoos van gemaakt hebt. Echt heel leuk.


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