Monday, March 5, 2012

February Contest Winners + March Contest!

The February 2012 contest is over and a NEW ONE starts today!
First things first, the winners of the last contest have been notified, but I still haven't heard back from...
Marti Jordan
Dorrian Kearney
Cass Job
If any of those lovely ladies happen to be YOU- please contact me asap! You can email me at or leave a post on FACEBOOK.
For this month I'm going to give one lucky winner the choice (I can't have 10 winners every month!) . She can either have a custom made apron or an au natural basket filled with the DEODORANT, HAIR OIL, LAUNDRY DETERGENT + DISHWASHING DETERGENT.
Entering for a 'la vie' contest is simple. All you need to do is join our FACEBOOK page. It's the best way to follow 'la vie' without having to sign up for bloglovin' or google reader or anything! Every week day the 'la vie' blog is posted. You can check it out, or not! And if you have any comments/questions/concerns about a project, you can connect with me there.
That's it! Have a great day and check back tomorrow :)
****** IF YOU WIN****** I will be contacting you through my personal FB page (FB doesn't allow business pages to message a singular person or tag in posts). Please keep an eye out for "auna" in early April!

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