Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Furry Booties

It's Wednesday! Halfway through the week people. I can hardly believe it. 
I'm still waiting on (three) ladies to get back to me about winning the contest last month (Marti Jordan, Cass Job, Dorrian Kearney), so e-mail me, girls!
If you haven't seen it yet- we do have another contest starting since it's a new month. Read about it HERE.
Now, let's get to the daily post. 
My disdain for patterns (and DST, which is rapidly approaching) is well documented. In an effort to improve my sewing skills, I've been trying to trick myself into completing a few more patterns recently. It usually goes something like this: I see a super cute pattern at the store, I get excited about it, I think about how awesome patterns are and how I can have this little project for my own if I'll only just suck it up and do it, I buy the pattern, it sits on my self. Repeat.
I now have a rather large collection of patterns that I've never even opened.
Thankfully, though, I was able to finish this one. I actually brought it to my mom's house and we did it together. That was the only way I could stomach it. If my mom was working on it, I knew I'd feel guilty and help. So ok, I did *half* of it. 
I was immediately drawn to this pattern (McCalls M6449- 17.95) and I've actually wanted it for about 6 months. There's an array of really cute booties to choose from and it isn't super difficult. There was no way that I'd be willing to pay that price tag, though. I learned from my mom that patterns are a waste of money if you pay full price, so I always wait until they're on sale for $1.99 at JoAnns. 
Here's my one issue with the pattern- the sizing isn't very good. I wear between a 7 and 8 in shoes, leaning more toward the 7. I made a size small which is listed as being between a 7.5 and 8.5. I wanted to be sure that there was room for my socks. 
They're crazy tight. The first one doesn't really fit at all (the seam is underneath my heel!) and the second one fits as long as I don't wear socks. The only reason the second one fits is because I did a pearl seam along the bottom to compensate. 
bottom line: If you get the pattern- it's better to go too big than too small.
And how cute would some embellishments be? Buttons down the bottom!
A little bit more about the pattern, in case you'd like to make these yourself. They suggest multiple fabrics, but this double sided sherpa/faux suede was awesome. It was easy to sew and made a nice, thick product. You can also add soles onto the bottom or use two separate fabrics. There are tons of options included with the pattern. 
I'd like to do this again and see how it works out, but enjoy the photos + review and try it for yourself! It was easy to follow and the result is adorable. You can do this in one afternoon. Plus, living here in cold Michigan, booties are essential 9 months out of the year!
I realize that a lot of my posts have been sewing based this week and I apologize. I try to be a bit more varied in what I do and I promise to mix it up more next week! You can expect some fun things, though.
Tomorrow I'm going to do an entire post about hair :) Yay!
And I'm really excited about GF Friday. The recipe we're using was supposed to go up last week, but I couldn't bring myself to pay the exorbitant amount of money the grocery store was charging for avocados. Ridiculous. 
It is warming up in Michigan (yay) and I am so into this 60 degree weather. I hope you get the opportunity to head outside and soak it all in! All the best to you, and as always, thanks for reading! Pin It


  1. Super cute!!! If only I could sew...

  2. How adorable! And quirky! Can't you pleeeeeeeeease share the pattern?? Pweetttyyy pweetttyyy please? :)

    1. haha- it's McCalls M6449 :) JoAnn Fabric often puts the patterns on sale for $1.99. That's when I got mine :)

  3. they r so cute:))))

  4. I've had this pattern in my hand at least 3 different times, but never bought it because I hadn't read any reviews. Thanks for posting. I, too, live in the Mitten State and agree boots like this are essential :)
    p.s I never buy patterns, either, unless they are on sale.

    1. They are! I always say that when you turn 18 and choose to continue living in Michigan, there should be a tax credit for warm clothes :) Go ahead and get that pattern (on sale-you and I think alike!)- but definitely go up a size or two! <3

  5. Been looking for slipper patterns to make for my tween granddaughters. This is perfect. Thanks for the review and the picture. Will have to look for the sherpa/suade fabric you used. Sounds PERFECT. Thanks so much for sharing!


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