Monday, March 26, 2012

Hoodie Sweatshirt Refashion (no sew!)

I mentioned in my last GF Friday post that today's project was inspired by my frugality. I saw a dark blue sweatshirt in the store a few weeks ago that I *really* wanted, but it was $45, and I can't justify spending that much on sweatshirts. 
I had this American Apparel hoodie at home that I had drooled over for*ever* but had a hard time tracking down. My local AM/AP was out of stock every time I visited. I eventually got it in Columbus, Ohio while getting my first tattoo with my BFF. 
I really did love that hoodie, but as time wore on I found that it didn't fit me as well as it had or at least in the same way. The neckline kind of shrunk up in a strange way and it always felt a bit like it was strangling me. 
It was time for a refashion.
I spent a zillion dollars on that hoodie and it couldn't go to waste in my closet!
This refashion is insanely easy, and depending on whether or not you want to add  any words/logos/etc. you can be done with it in 3 minutes.
(1) Cut it. I removed the hoodie (and saved it, I have some ideas!) by cutting along the neckline. Don't get too crazy. I'm a HUGE fan of boat necks and ruined many-a-shirt by cutting too much off. If you just follow (1/2 inch from) along the seam of the hoodie, you'll cut enough off. Trust me. You can always take off more!  Sweatshirt material really doesn't fray, so I just left the edge alone. I made mine a little bit more jagged, but if you pull tightly as you cut, you'll get a smoother line.

(2) Trim it. Mine was extremely long. I'm still deciding, but I may cut the bottom of the sweatshirt off, just where the banded section is. You can always cut some of your bottom off if you want to make it shorter/cropped. Cropped sweatshirts are pretty big this season.
(3) Paint it. I used one of the ZILLION freezer paper tutorials going around to add a little heart to the front of the sweatshirt. I may do some damage to the back as well. Basically, it's like my contact paper stencil tutorials from the past, you just trace your design on to the freezer paper, xacto knife it out, iron it on to the material, paint with fabric paint (I used three coats), remove the paper while the paint is still wet and follow the paint instructions for drying/curing. 
Such a great way to update any old sweatshirts you have around the house. You can instantly make them look more fun! I'm considering testing this on some of John's old, over-sized hoodies. I'll be sure to post the results!
As you can see, I took these pictures on my bicycle. John and I took our first ride of the season yesterday and it was... a disaster! His bike lived in the car port all winter. Needless to say, it was covered in rust as well as bird poo. Plus the chain had come off and the tires were flat. After some work his bike was ready to go! We drove it over to the air station to fill up our tires and decided to give mine a little boost as well. Yeah. It definitely drained all of the air out of my tire. Plus some how a bolt came loose and fell from my bike along the way? I had to walk my bike back to our house. Sad. And, finally, a few hours later, we heard a really strange and loud sound coming from the other room. The air cap had dislodged itself and the tire entirely deflated. It was a sad, sad bike ride. 
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