Wednesday, March 28, 2012

J.Crew Pants to Shorts Refashion (no sew option!)

I apologize for the lack of blog yesterday! I lost my camera cord & had pictures for EVERY blog that I needed stuck in my memory card. I found it :)
Today's blog is exceptionally easy and can be done by anyone. I bought these super fun, super bright J.Crew chinos a few summers ago and really loved them. My husband was pretty fond of them, too. I take great care of my clothing and most of it never even sees a dryer. I have a drying rack instead and nearly all of my clothes are hung that way to dry. 
One day, however, my super sweet boy was trying to help and placed these pants on top of my drying rack which was already full of clothes. They hadn't quite dried yet and the pants ended up (oddly enough) on top of the hoodie from MONDAY'S REFASHION. As most of you have figured out by now, the hoodie transferred it's super dark blue ink to the pants, ruining them. 
It was a sad loss.
And then, last summer, I was perusing the pages of the latest J.Crew catalog and saw the most adorable shorts, in the same color as my pants. They were advertising the shorts with a rolled cuff. Light bulb.
It takes a long time for a lot of my light bulbs to come to fruition however and I just got around to these last week. I wanted to show it on 'la vie', because so many of us have pairs of old, ripped or ruined pants lying around that can easily be turned into cute shorts. You're going to get best results with thin fabric that is still stiff, such as khaki or twill. 
The steps are super simple. If you can't sew or don't have access to a machine, there is an option for you! This project took about 10 minutes.
(1) Cut them. You don't want to leave too much fabric on, because it will be harder to roll, but you do want to leave some room for cuffing. Think of where you want them to fall on your thigh and then add about 1- 1.5 inches per roll, plus seam allowance.
(2) Hem them. Pin the edge and run it through your sewing machine. OR!! Roll over the edge, pin it down and then hot glue it down, removing the pins as you go. Make sure to press the glue in really well and to do it in small sections so that you don't get a glue bump. Alternatively, you may be able to just use fray check on the ends. (ps- that super adorable pin cushion? HERE.)
(3) Roll it. Cuff your shorts to the desired length!
I have a few other pairs that are going to meet with my scissors in time for summer. I really love these, though, because the color is so fantastic. I know we should pair color with color, but I enjoy the pink/white/grey combo & have plenty more cardis and tanks in that scheme to last me til Fall!
I'm excited to announce that the supplies to make all natural perfume have FINALLY arrived! I'm already working on some concoctions & am planning on giving away perfume for April... so you'd better head over to the LA VIE FACEBOOK page & like it to get in on all the fabulous monthly giveaways :) You can expect a perfume post later this week.
Well, that's it for me today! I hope you enjoy the Spring weather. I wish you all the best, and as always, thanks for reading! 


  1. Such a great idea! That color is very in right now, so I'm glad you could salvage them into a cute pair of shorts!

    1. Isn't it wild? I was really excited to see that color everywhere right now. Double great! (i love your blog name!)


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