Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Vintage Tablecloth Overhaul Pt 2: DIY Kitchen Towels

If you missed YESTERDAYS post, I cut up a vintage tablecloth to create a cute little apron. I had tons of extra fabric and it was way too cute to discard, so I took the suggestion of the shop owner and used the excess to make little kitchen towels.
They are so cute.
I like them 10 times better than the apron.
The tablecloth had a fantastic pattern and was very intricate. Each little panel had one of 5 different themes. I had to get creative to use all of the fabric, but it worked well. I used two different techniques.
The first went like this....
(1) Cut it. I cut out the panel and then doubled it in length, as seen in the picture. The pink section is as long as the paneled section and will function as the back of the towel.
(2) Hem it. I pinned all along and hemmed it in.

The second was more complicated, but just as cute. As I mentioned before, there were tons of stains on the cloth. I used the stained panels to create a backside for their more lovely counterparts. These are the ones that will probably get the most use since I won't be afraid to use an already stained kitchen towel. 
(1) Cut it. I cut out all of the little panels. This time around, I did leave 2 panels connected instead of doing separates in order to make a few wider towels. Plus, the little detail between the panels is SO cute, I wanted to leave it intact for a few. 
(2) Pair it. Place the two panels together, right sides facing in. Pin them together and then hem.
(3) Hem it. Pin the sides in from top to bottom on each side. Hem them up!

Pretty simple, right? You could do this with any old tablecloth. This was a perfect way to give new life to an absolutely gorgeous, but very much stained, piece of decor. So next time you spill something all over your favorite tablecloth, don't get rid of it! Cut it up and reuse it for years to come :) 
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